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Erista: The Last Mysterious Thing About Wolverine!!

With all of this talk about the death of Wolverine lately it’s got many people debating the true motivations behind Marvel’s decision to “off” him. Some people think it’s a dick move by Marvel to screw over Fox for having the rights to the character theatrically. Others think more to the obvious, that Wolverine has been turned into a boring, over exploited, cash-cow character by Marvel. As I said yesterday, he was once the most mysterious character perhaps in comic book history. There’s not much left to the imagination anymore regarding Logan, not many interesting stones left unturned in his past. However I’d like to bring to light something that we touched upon a few years back here that’s quite interesting. Logan’s other son “Erista”! Nope we’re not talking about that brat Daken. We’re talking about another kid that “dead beat dad” Logan has running around the Savage Land! Many people forget about a one shot by Mike Mignola called “The Jungle Adventure” from 1989.


This saw Wolverine escaping his troubles in the Savage Land, because back in the 1980’s when Wolverine was interesting he’d do cool shit like this. There he met an amazonian woman named Ghack and they got busy right there in the Jungle, of course this happened when Wolverine was still a rad dude before he started hanging out at the Avengers mansion with Tony Stark drinking cocktails. So Ghack has a child named Erista, son of Wolverine. Of course Wolverine splits and never checks back to see if he got  Ghack pregnant, maybe not such a cool move, but well I guess that’s how he rolled back then.


Strangely we have never seen or heard from Erista or Ghack since! Nope just this one issue ever addresses the issue. It’s hard to believe that Marvel hasn’t exploited the living shit outta his long lost son by now! I say with Wolverine soon to kick the bucket we finally get the scoop on this guy! What the hell has he been up to? Is he still roaming around the Savage Land? Perhaps he’s a character we’ve already met-who’s simply unaware that Logan is his father? Shouldn’t he meet his douchey brother Daken one of these days? I think this is a missed opportunity Marvel-you could cash in big time with Erista! At the very least it’s something that legitimately remains one of the last truly mysterious things about Wolverine’s past…

So that baby is Wolverine’s son Erista, we’ve never seen or heard anything about him since 1989-what the hell happened to this guy?!!

Wolverine’s REAL son needs to come back and show Daken what’s what!!

The other day I was re-reading the somewhat forgotten Wolverine graphic novel, ‘The Jungle Adventure’, a great solo Wolverine story by Walt Simonson and Mike Mignola.

In this tale, Wolverine escapes from his recent troubles with the X-Men by hanging out in the Savage Land. Eventually he becomes a pretty prominent member of a native tribe, even fighting Apocalypse in their defense.

But the real gold is that while there, he fucks a very large woman named Ghack who delivers his son, unbeknownst to him. This little guy’s name is Erista and nobody has given a shit about him since 1990!!

Here's half his face

Here's his bangin' mom holding him

Instead we have this Daken dipshit running around the MU with his ‘tribal tats’ and mohawk, crying to everyone within earshot about his daddy issues. I think the time is now for the return of Erista, savage-land warrior with Wolverine’s blood, to surface in the MU, put Daken out of his misery and stake his claim as the original Wolverine offspring.

Oh and anyone else out there wondering about Lynx? She was like a daughter to Wolverine and last we saw her, it was 1993 and she was left to fend for herself in the Candian wilderness. Let’s get her back too so she can show X-23 (or Laura or whatever) who’s boss!

Wolverine loses his monthly title to his son!

Well this June marks Logan’s departure from his own title! Yeah as you may already have heard the Wolverine title we all know and love is becoming “Dark Wolverine”  at issue #75. This title is going to follow the exploits of his asinine son Daken as he impersonates his father donning his brown and tan costume. Well at least someone is going to wear that thing!  “Dark Wolverine” will follow his solo adventures he embarks on when he’s not hobnobbin’ around with the Norman “Green Goblin” Osborn’s Avengers.


Daken takes over the Wolverine title as it’s main character in issue #75.

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