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It’s new comic day! The new “Crossed” is out…

With the economy in a shambles and money flow down, new comic day can be a little trickier than it used to be. I’ve already dropped alot of titles that just weren’t cutting it anymore and with many comic books now moving their prices up to $3.99 a pop I’ve really become alot more choosy on what I read every week. It seems to me alot of the Marvel stuff I was reading I’ve left at the wayside. Poor stories and barely acceptable artwork runs common in many of their titles. Even our homeboy Bendis seems to have lost his magic touch. There however are a few titles that always seem to make the cut. “The Walking Dead” is a no brainer and probably the BEST comic book out there today. But there’s also another horror comic which is delivering the chills consistantly, Garth Ennis’s “Crossed”.


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New Comic Day Reviews 1/29: Crossed, New Avengers, X-Force…

Here you’ll find reviews for this week’s comic book haul. Not a huge week overall but reviews for The Crossed #3, X-Force #11, Avengers: The Initiative #21 and New Avengers #49. The reviews are spoiler-heavy so don’t click “more” if you want to stay spoiler-free!!

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