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Mega vs. Giant vs. me Arse! WTF?

Just when you think the world has see ever large animal/beast film in CG, someone still has to push the limit and make one more. Seriously, who is watching this crap? Oh wait…the Syfy channel needs another new movie of their Saturday night line up, that’s who. Come on, didn’t we learn anything from Anacondas and Pythons, and let’s not forget Anaconda vs. Pythons!

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

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greatest horror music videos ever?!! HARD ROCK ZOMBIES!!

Here’s a rad video for a song by Paul Sabu for the god awful movie “Hard Rock Zombies” from 1985!!  This craptastic movie is essentially one long ultra lame amazing music video! Supposedly, it was only meant to be about 20 minutes long and solely used as the feature movie in the 1985 movie “American Drive In”. Instead it spawned two ultra crappy movies both over an hour and a half in length! The video for it has most of the highlights so please enjoy!!