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SCREAM 4 Anyone?

So it has been officially confirmed recently that “Scream 4” is indeed in the works rather than a remake of the original (thank god!). The good news is also that yesterday David Arquette and Courtney Cox have also officially signed on to return as Dewey Riley & Gale Weathers. I’d like to also mention that about 8 years ago I met them both by chance at a Wherehouse Music where I worked in Jacksonville Florida and they were actually pretty cool people with pretty decent taste in music. Anyway I have always been a big fan of the Scream movies. Infact I remember seeing the first one in the theater and being pretty blown away. Scream gave the horror genre the kick in the ass it needed at the time, making going to see a horror movie in the theaters a damn fun time again. It also set the trend however to a ton of immitators that made going to the theater to see a horror movie a collossal waste of time and money!


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