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I’ll see your Super Powers and raise you Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars

Forget what you’re hearing about Kenner’s Super Powers line being the caviar of 80’s super hero toys. The truest were Mattel’s Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars action figures. These amazing toys were an outlet for (all hail) Jim Shooter to sell us Marvel Comic’s mega-event Secret Wars, though strangely enough, there were no Beyonder or Molecule Man figures produced. Even stranger is the fact that Marvel authorized figures of Constrictor, Hobgoblin and Baron Zemo: all of whom had nothing to do with Secret Wars!!

Not only are Marvel characters better than DC’s, but Secret Wars was one of the greatest ‘events’ of the 1980’s (only to be outdone by Secret Wars II of course) and totally kicked DC’s Crisis on Infinite Crisis’ event during that time. Plus Secret Wars figures all came with secret-decoder lenticular shields! Check out some of the awesome commercial and several of the great characters created for this line if you need further proof:


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So I was wondering which superheroes were from my hometown state: Wisconsin. Believe me it’s not all farms, cheese and beer there. There is CRIME there and they do need superheroes too! There were a few i knew of and then a couple more that i discovered today. Here’s what i gathered from just a a couple minutes online and looking at my official Handbooks of the Marvel Universe. This will be part one because i know there just HAS to be more heroes and villains from America’s Dairyland. Also if anyone else has some of their own Hometown Superheroes please post them here! Anyway check these bad ass, spandex wearin’, beer drinkin’, Green Bay Packer lovin’, “Cheese Heads” out:

I have always LOVED the Badger!! He’s from Madison Wisconsin, completey mentally derranged, loves to drink beer, calls everyone “Larry” no matter what their real name is, has martial arts skills that’d make Bruce Lee envious and lives in a castle with his Wizard buddy named “Ham”. This guys is one of Wisconsin’s finest go hunt down his books now! Continue reading