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The Incredible Hulk’s Vintage Commercial Career!

Did I mention before how much I love The Incredible Hulk?


Well it all started back in my childhood and I had to take a quick moment here to post a few new old vintage Hulk commercials from back in the day! The first is a cool one featuring Lou Ferrigno and the second is just a great late 1970’s Hulk “Rage Cage” Commercial! Enjoy!!

Rage Cage!!

Lastly the amazing Incredible Hulk Sega Genesis game from 1994-I forgot how RAD this one was-I need to play this again ASAP!!

Lame-O Comic Book Cover of the Week: Marvel’s Kool-Aid Man?!

Who didn’t love Kool-Aid back in 1980’s? It was all the rage! However that didn’t mean that us kids wanted a god damn Kool-Aid Man comic book! Well Marvel seemed to think other wise and gave the big ol’ walking punch bowl his own book.  Kool-Aid man was pretty awesome when he’d bust down a brick wall and  yell out “Oh Yeah!!” but was that any reason to think  he’d be able to become part of the Marvel universe? I mean imagine Captain America teamin’ up with Kool-Aid man? He was actually given three issues to shine by Marvel and then moved on to Archie comics with four more muthafuckin’ issues!


And his Archie comics era:


And of course the live action version!!!

Hulk Smash Colorforms!

I loved the hell out of Colorforms as a kid! I had an Incredible Hulk Colorform set and  a Spider-man one too. For being such a simplistic toy it sure kept me busy! I had to post this groovy commercial from the 70’s for a Hulk Colorform set. This was the same one that I had and it brings back some great memories.


The best thing was if you had more than one set you could have the Hulk and Spider-man and hell even Superman all meet in the same setting! Check it!

Superman! Wait only 98 cents?!!!

Batman!! Don’t forget The Penguin’s umbrella!!

Rom: Spaceknight – Best Action Figure Ever?!

Whoa just ran across this awesome vintage Rom: Spaceknight action figure commercial! Rom was kinda the shit back in the 1980’s and he was first and foremost a toy before actually being a Marvel Comic book character.


Somehow though it seems his staying power wasn’t too strong as we really don’t hear too much about the guy anymore. Still viewing this rad old school commercial makes me wanna scope out Ebay and get myself one of these! As a kid I always wanted one, and from this commercial i am sure you can see why he was the talk of the block for kids-check it!

Shatner’s 1970’s Supermarket Commercial Career!

Check out this super old skool tv commercial from the 1970’s featuring William Shatner! Loblaw’s is a supermarket chain in Canada and it seems that back in the 70’s Bill was up for just about everything after Star Trek fizzled out.

Shatner being Canadian himself must’ve shopped there quite a bit as he ended up doing several commercials for them! Who would’ve known huh?

Send Your Dirty Laundry to Vulcan?!!

Who would have ever know that the answers to clean clothing here on Earth was solved by Vulcans?!! Don’t believe me? Need proof?! Well take a look here at this old school Cheer commercial from 1969.

Here you will see how one lone housewife had quite an epic experience one day while pondering one of life’s greatest wonders…..Laundry!!

Comic Book Nostalgia: Rock Star Rob Liefeld and his 501’s!

I have mentioned this commercial here from the early 90’s you know back when Rob Liefeld was a comic book rock star! I am not sure how that happened really to this day, it still amazes me but ol’ Liefer has gotten enough negative press! So let’s not dwell on the fact that comic books like Youngblood is seriously unreadable as in doing so will likely make you less intellegent & damage your brain.

Check this out and relive a little comic book nostalgia!

Well folks that’s not all for today I also found this interview with Dennis Miller from back in the day. I think this was pre-Dennis Miller is the biggest Douche in the world era. Now that I am thinking about when exactly did Miller switch from being super funny to an asinine political tool? It happened overnight it seemed, well anyway check this out too more Rock Star Liefeld!