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Charlie Brown & The Peanuts Take on John Carpenter’s THE THING?!!

As if 2020 couldn’t get any weirder!!! Charlie Brown & The Peanuts have come face to face with their greatest threat this winter! Snoopy has been replicated into an alien monstrosity ala John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’! Oh the horror Charlie Brown!!!



Daniel Clowes Delivers Another Dose of Awkward…

I sat up late recently and read the latest Daniel Clowes graphic novel “Mister Wonderful” in one sitting which quite honestly isn’t that hard to do. Mister Wonderful is a sweet little awkward tale and pretty much exactly what you may already be expecting from Mr. Clowes. It follows the simple story of middle aged Marshall who’s struggling out on his first date (a blind one) in over six years after a nasty divorce. Marshall finally arrives back on the dating scene after gaining a little self worth from a one night stand with a strung out clepto drifter. So he agrees to meet a new woman at a coffee shop and that should be an easy feat right? Wrong, as we see exactly how out of the loop he really is.  He immediately assumes the worst as he waits for his date and ends up getting drunk thinking he was stood up. Well much to his surprise an attractive woman named Natalie shows up and proves his worst fears wrong.

Now that’s not to say that Natalie hasn’t brought her own heaping pile of baggage to the table with her Continue reading