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The Outer Space Men: Those Groovy 60’s Aliens!

Let’s take a second to look at some cool action figures way back from the 1960’s! The Outer Space Men by Colorforms!! You may know Colorforms better as those little plastic stickers of your fav cartoon characters you’d stick on and peel off the backgrounds way back when. But Colorforms also put out these totally radical bendy alien action figures as well!

They had kick ass names too like Commander Comet, Xodiac, Colossus Rex, Electron+, Astro-Nautilus, Alpha 7 & Orbitron. They wasn’t much to their backstory just a gang of groovy aliens you could collect and play with all day, unfortunately I wasn’t born yet when the hit the stands and the chances of finding one in good shape of the original series is pretty slim. Also the bendy figures with the wire inside them had a limit to their lives normally, you’d often break the wires and get a bunch of limp wristed bad asses- not a good combo!


Hulk Smash Colorforms!

I loved the hell out of Colorforms as a kid! I had an Incredible Hulk Colorform set and  a Spider-man one too. For being such a simplistic toy it sure kept me busy! I had to post this groovy commercial from the 70’s for a Hulk Colorform set. This was the same one that I had and it brings back some great memories.


The best thing was if you had more than one set you could have the Hulk and Spider-man and hell even Superman all meet in the same setting! Check it!

Superman! Wait only 98 cents?!!!

Batman!! Don’t forget The Penguin’s umbrella!!