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Comic Cover of the Week: When Wolverine was still Bad Ass!

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been quite a while since I bought any new comic books from Marvel. Every few years I give it an honest shot, but time after time the same thing happens, They only remind me of what I so desperately miss from the eighties. The unique and edgy storytelling that Marvel actually brought to the table. Yeah and I miss when comic books looked and felt like comic books Rather than glossy computer scans on synthetic paper.Today’s cover is yet another example of an artist on top of his game, John Byrne’s cover for ‘Marvel Comics Presents’ #47: Wolverine! His eye for detail was always incredible and this damn cover shows his skill level at its peak! It also shows Wolverine when he was still a mysterious bad ass! There was nothing quite like Wolverine in the 1980s…

Bigfoot Battles an Alien!

If you’re looking for a good epic back issue to pick up along with your new releases on Wednesday look no further! I am recommending one of my all time favorite back issues ever! Of course it’s no secret that I love Alpha Flight! I honestly can’t wait for someone to give it the reboot it needs in the Marvel Universe today. It seems it’s been tried several times and it just never seems to be even  remotely close to as good as the original John Byrne Run. Which leads me to one of my favorite issues from 1984. Alpha Flight # 10!


Of course if you really want the whole story you should really pick up #9 as well but if you wanna cut straight to the action this issue delivers the goods with Byrne’s amazing artwork. Continue reading