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Our New kirk better know how to Kick some ass!!

I am soooo pumped about the new STAR TREK movie opening tomorrow! Now we pass the role of Kirk on to Chris Pine. But for a moment let’s not forget how much of a total bad ass the orginal William Shatner “Kirk” really was and how much ass he kicked! Chris Pine you best have checked this out, cuz man could Kirk give a serious beatdown on his enemies!!

Will there be a little shatner in the new STAR TREK MOTION PICTURE?

I am sooooo pumped about the new Star Trek movie! Only weeks away now! I have the highest hopes that it is going to blow my mind. I am super pleased with the costumes as they look VERY similar to the original series and so far I am totally into the official Star Trek prequel comic book that has been coming out. I love the fact that it follows the continuity of the movies and features Nimoy returning as an older Spock! Hell I even loved the fact that they wouldn’t let Shatner return as Kirk in this movie since he officially died in Star trek “Generations”. I am very happy with the decision of Zachary Quinto as Spock but what worries me most of all is the portrayal of James T. Kirk in this new revamp.


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