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Captain Kirk Gets His Groove On!! “The Enemy Within” Video Drops!

Finally! ¬†We drop the new video by nerdcore dancehall superheroes Mister Saturday & Ensly Mogul! This one takes the duo on board the USS Enterprise where they sing the intergalactic anthem “The Enemy Within”!

Check it as they literally beam aboard to observe the mayhem that ensues on this classic adventure! Evil Captain Kirk just can’t seem to get enough of that damn brandy!! Download the song for free right HERE!

Get Your own box!!

Hey if you haven’t already seen my music video i made about Cheez-its check it out now. It’s about all i could come up with here today after drinking too much wine and watching some terrible movies last night at our official “BAD MOVIE NIGHT 4”! Check back tomorrow too see what stinkers we watched!! Right now here it is again as i shamelessly self promote my own music video!!