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The 10 Best Vintage STAR WARS ads!

Back in the day Star Wars was all the rage….wait it STILL is! So all these companies were using Star Wars to sell the shit out of anything and everything!! So let’s take a look at some of the best vintage Star Wars ads of yesteryear, they’ll never make ads this cool again that I guarantee…








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Andre the Giant &The Lost Princess Bride Scene!!

Ha ha well ok you got me, it’s not a lost Princess Bride scene but it does feature the late, great wrestling superstar Andre the Giant going crazy for giant Honeycomb cereal as his persona from the movie!


I remember when this cereal came out-it was all the rage, anything made bigger back then was always better! I think this commercial is from around the time he appeared in The Princess Bride! A nice little reminder of how bad ass the 80’s were!

1980’s breakfast for a hangover…

Well this sunday morning I awoke pretty groggy from having a couple too many drinks last night and I was laying in bed with my tummy grumbling, thinking about how good all that cereal was from the 80’s! I wish I had a time machine so i could go to the local Piggly Wiggly right now and get some!! I remembered eating this particular cereal at one point at a friend of mine’s house after a sleepover and being sooooo jealous that the most sugary cereal my mom let us eat was Cheerio’s!!! And maybe if we were lucky the “Honey Nut” ones….there was nothing like staying over at a friends house who’s cupboards were filled with stuff like Lucky Charms, Boo-Berry, Captain Crunch and well Ghostbusters cereal!!!! Don’t remember it? let me refresh your memory…