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Cartoons Dorks Should Be Watching #1: Ben 10

Thanks for joining Universal Dork for issue #1 of our ‘toons you should sure as hell be watching. For this kick off I want to mention a ’toon that is popular with kids but I quickly overlooked. Fortunately, I am a big enough dork to watch any cartoon I can get my eyes on while working out early in the morning. Well I was blessed to have repeats of Ben 10 showing at the crack of down while sweating it up…and I found it was full of many pleasant surprises. As usual, I encourage you to follow the jump for all of the essential information and this unlikely superhero youth!

Ben 10 Cartoon Alien Image

Here we go…

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Who’ll save the day?…The Super Hero Squad!

There is no doubt that I will forever be a big kid…and there is no changing that…ever…even with fisticuffs! So when Cartoon Network debuted Marvel’s new cartoon addition to its comic legacy, The Super Hero Squad, all of my super senses were poised and ready to view. Of course, I did my usual relaxation, meditation, and inner soul searching to prepare myself for what I knew would be the case. This is a kid’s show, and I have to make the concessions necessary. Well, the verdict is in…call me a dork, I deserve it, I freaking loved the show! But I am easy to please.


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