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A First Look at Cap!

Finally we get a little closer to really see what the movie  Chris Evans version of Captain America is going to look like thanks to Entertainment Weekly. So far so good I say! However we really haven’t gotten a real look at perhaps the most important part of the costume yet-the mask. I have a feeling we’re going to be pleasantly surprised. It seems though from the cover here that we’re most likely seeing his updated version of the costume, as he’s sporting his round shield. From what I gather for most of the movie he’ll be wearing his 1940’s version of the classic costume and using his original shield. There are more pics up online and they all look great-though none yet show his mask…

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A Sneak Peek at Cap’s Costume!

Today at TMT I saw a glimpse of what the costume of Captain America will look like in the new movie! Now keep in mind this picture is of a stuntman on a motorcycle-NOT Chris Evans! So if the suit looks a little clunky and weird that’s why. So far I like what I am seeing-even from the stuntman’s costume I can tell they have taken it in the right direction.

The simple fact that the first movie is based on his origin during World War II is incredibly exciting. The fact it has been described as being very Indiana Jones-esque too is music too my ears. The fact that he’ll be fighting a bunch of fucked of Nazi’s too is even better news-because what better villains are there really than a bunch of crazy Nazi’s getting an ass whoopin’? Continue reading

Captain America’s starting to get thawed out!

I found a little info today on the upcoming Captain America movie and it’s sounding pretty good. It seems there’s going to be alot of news on it coming since director Joe Jonston is finished with the Wolfman. I honestly just wanna know who the hell is going to play Cap already! But early news on the films direction is pretty awesome and from what I understand the director wants a more Indiana Jones vibe to the movie set in the 1940’s. I am thrilled with that decision! Bring on the adventure and kick some Nazi ass! Here’s what the the director revealed recently via Box Office:

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Captain America #600 Speculation!

I’ve been getting pretty excited for the big anniversary issue (#600) and have been trying to figure out what this huge reveal/development/twist is going to be that Marvel has been so vocal about the last few weeks.

At this point we’ve pretty much all seen the ads for ‘REBORN’ in the last few weeks’ comics, but it seriously raises some interesting questions that may develop in #600:


Who or what is being reborn?

The obvious answer would be the return of Steve Rogers but Brubaker has been building up Bucky for a long time now and the character (as Cap) has only just recently been integrated into the Marvel Universe proper, it would seem illogical to bring Steve back right now. But with the movie in the works, Steve will have to be back by 2010 making it very possible he will return soon.

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