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R2D2 in High Heels! Sexy Droids Gone Wild!

Hey ladies, you just have to check out this image of these custom made R2D2 heels! These are pretty much the coolest shoes ever, I mean looking at them make me wish I was a woman so I could properly do them justice by making myself a pair!


This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that moments” that happen to me so often. Well ladies if you are feeling crafty, men if you want to excite your nerd girl crush or hell nerd crossdressers go crazy! Check this here at Indestructables.com to get the directions to build your very own pair!


Forgotten Star Wars Adventures…

This clip brightened my day today as it brought back some great memories of being a kid. The legendary Star Wars episode of The Muppet Show! ThisĀ is a great skit here where Star Wars and Pigs in Space collide! Enjoy!!