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Happy Thanksgiving to ALL ye DORKS!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hey today is the day to feast and eat Turkey right? Well check out this old Daffy Duck 1949 toon where he gives his turkey pal the lowdown on Thanksgiving! All you dorks out there have a great day and make sure you really do at the very least today really think of all the things you are truley thankful for in life-there’s alot!

Classic Halloween Looney Toons!

When I was a kid I was crazy about Bugs Bunny! To this day many of the cartoons are absolutely hilarious though not the the most PC. Well it’s good to know that I can still watch Bugs Bunny anytime I want thanks to Youtube!

One thing I always loved during Halloween was watching all the cartoons and specials you’d see on tv all month! I came across this amazing Bugs classics today as I combed Youtube for cool halloween specials I used to love as a kid. These cartoons were also featured on a Looney Toons Halloween special back in the 80’s.  It still makes me laugh and brings back a time when all we dreamed of was putting on your costume, trick or treating, eating candy and watching cartoons all night! Sit back and relax because these are halloween classics..

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