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Universal Dork Backs The Uncommon Geek!

Hey a quick message here as I’d like to let everyone know about one of my favorite blogs out there: Uncommongeek.com you can get the full scoop there for more awesome nerd news, but what’s even more exciting is that they just recently launched their youtube channel!

There you’ll be able to watch some great reviews, news and geeky discussions on what’s going on in the nerd world. These guys are really on top of things and I can’t wait to check out their very first full youtube show! So check it out Dorks and Geeks UNITE! And just to be clear the phrase “uncommon geek” is listed in the Urban Dictionary and this here is it’s official meaning:

Someone who likes both Star Trek AND Star Wars, often times equally . The term was made popular by the website uncommongeek.com
Geek one: “Do you like Star Trek or Star Wars?”

Geek two: “Actually, I like both.”

Geek one: “Really? You’re an uncommon geek!”

Hmmm…now I wonder what the official meaning of a Universal Dork might be?!! 


‘Covered’ is One of the Coolest Comic Book Blogs Around!

Just discovered ‘Covered‘ probably a bit too late in the game, but nonetheless it’s a damn fun blog to look at! It’s a blog that ended it’s run in September 2012. Having 1000 popular and unpopular comic book covers posted with another artists representation posted side by side. At least now we don’t have to wait for them to be posted!


Most of these artists that recreate the covers are up and coming or mostly unknowns but they all provide a cool new vision of the classics. Apparently there is a “Covered” book on the way in the near future but in the mean time there’s a thousand of these bad boys to check out-Gotta love it!





Here we go!

Welcome to our new blog, Universal Dork (soon to be at Universaldork.com).  We thought “Is there not a better way to start of 2009 than with a new blog concerning Comics, Movies, D&D, Comedy, and other great Nerdy stuff from the point of view of some pretty hip folks (seriously, we are hip and carry lots of scenester points).  What we want to accomplish with this blog goes as follows:

  • Review comics and either poke fun or complain, or possibly champion
  • Discuss Sci-fi, new and classic, and give opinionated commentary
  • Invent new stupid things to blog about
  • And whatever else…

We have 3 contributors to the blog and hope to update it very frequently for your reading pleasure.  Thanks and K.I.T.