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Comic Book Cover of the Week! The New Defenders by Bill Sienkiewicz!

This particular cover way back from 1983 was one of my favorites as a kid and today it stands as a truly stellar piece of work even by today’s standards. The New Defenders were pretty awesome and you had three of the original X-men all together in the same book! It’s clear when you had Bill Sienkiewicz on a cover back in the 80’s you were gonna get something leaps and bounds ahead of the curve. I consider him along with Mike Zeck one of the best comic book cover artists of all time bar none. His cool jagged style added that extra edge to your favorite book, suddenly making them cooler than ever before. Check this one out! They just don’t make em’ like this anymore…


Bryan Singer back to Direct X-MEN!!

I just read some fantastic news, It seems Bryan Singer WILL be returning to the X-men movie franchise! I just read an article on Cinematical.com that Singer is planning on directing X-men “Origins: First Class” which will follow the early days of original movie X-men, Cyclops, Beast, Storm and Jean Grey. I think this is an excellent idea though part of me wishes he would have jumped on board for the next Wolverine movie which I’m sure now will be another major dud.

I guess then this would be a whole new casting call for the younger versions of the X-men. Continue reading