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Yeah What DOES Nick Fury Do?! Best Video Ever!

I love this little cartoon so much, it’s probably the funniest shit I’ve seen in quite some time!


It’s pretty spot on because you know it never really seems like Nick Fury really contributes very much at the end of a battle for The Avengers at least in the movie! So check this out if you haven’t already! It’s guaranteed to make you laugh I promise!

The Avengers Assemble and Search for Employment?!

Been watching these cool little videos lately called “Avengers Assemble!”. They are pretty damn fun, well done and they’ve got a ton of them up. They take on modern problems like Healthcare, jobs, romance, oil spills, car pooling, don’t ask don’t tell, just to name a few.

They have a lot of different Marvel characters that show up in the episodes and one even stars Stan Lee! Check it out as Ms. Marvel tries to land a job, proving it ain’t easy to find one these days! Make sure to watch after the credits…

oh yeah even superheroes are having a tough time with health care these days!