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Stan Winston Fans Rejoice for ‘A Gnome Named Gnorm’?!

I love Stan Winston, he made soooo many amazing movie monsters come to life with his genius special effects wizardry! From the Predator, to the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park to the incredible Pumpkinhead! Yes Pumpkinhead is one of my fave monster movies of the 1980’s hands down, and it was also directed by good ol’ Stan! Now let it be known that he really didn’t direct much, The Terminator 2 mini-film for the Universal Studios theme park and the Michael Jackson movie/video “Ghosts” in 1997 I thought was it for him. But I just found out today that he did indeed direct another full length feature film besides Pumpkinhead, so naturally I was pumped to check out his follow-up he did back in 1990!   Well it just so happens to be a flick titled “A Gnome Named Norm” starring Anthony Michael Hall and a horny ass Gnome who’s lookin’ too impress the ladies!

Check out the trailer:

Well, now isn’t that something?! It looks like perhaps Winston was the inspiration behind flicks like “Munchie”?

Not quite what I was expecting after motherfuckin’ Pumpkinhead, but hey I gotta say that ‘A Gnome Named Gnorm’ looks like a damn good time!! So this one will go on my list of must watch movies-however this one I may need to view with a gang of friends and a few too many drinks!

You can watch the full feature on youtube too! This movie also went by the name ‘Upworld’, it’s crazy to find movies like this that somehow slipped under the radar!

The Griswalds going back on Vacation!

It’s a time right now for EVERYTHING nostalgic! That’s right expect the unexpected because from what I understand the Griswalds are slated to return once again to return to Wally World before it closes it’s gates forever. A script is being written for their next Vacation where their son Rusty is taking his family along with his parents back on the road for some more mayhem! The big question now is who they are going to get to be Rusty this time? I personally think it’d be great to see Anthony Michael Hall reprise his role. However I have a feeling that won’t be the case as they probably think they need some star power comedian like Adam Sandler (please no!) or Seth Rogen to fill the spot.

I had a feeling that this was going to become a real posibility when I saw the recent short Hotel Hell: Vacation Continue reading