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Andre the Giant &The Lost Princess Bride Scene!!

Ha ha well ok you got me, it’s not a lost Princess Bride scene but it does feature the late, great wrestling superstar Andre the Giant going crazy for giant Honeycomb cereal as his persona from the movie!


I remember when this cereal came out-it was all the rage, anything made bigger back then was always better! I think this commercial is from around the time he appeared in The Princess Bride! A nice little reminder of how bad ass the 80’s were!

not the Incredible hulk today! The HULKSTER!

I just watched this again for the first time in like a million years-and it was just as epic now as it was back then. Only back then there was NOTHING you could say ever that would make me believe this shit wasn’t real! I knew it in my heart-no matter what my dad said i knew this was a real damn battle to the finish. Oh man I felt so bad for the Hulkster being betrayed by the mighty Andre the Giant! I FELT betrayed! I remember watching this over at my friend’s house on payperview and being so pumped when the Hulkster came out to kick the Giants ass. So wrestling was real back THEN though right????