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‘Stitches’ Gives Freddy Krueger a Run for His Money!

I finally checked out Stitches which I’ve been waiting some time to see as it finally arrived on Netflix watch instantly. If you’re a fan of old horror icons like Freddy Krueger or Leprechaun then this movie will NOT disappoint! This cool little Irish horror comedy has got a pretty awesome little plot, based on a bit of a cliche. Clown goes to kids party, mean kids ridicule clown, clown dies by way of something one of the kids does.

Well though that seemed a little like previously trodded horror plot, the movie goes deeper into the evil clown mythos. It turns out that in this movie clowns get together in creepy dungeon like places and practice supernatural rituals. Which is one of the reason “Stitches” the clown comes back toget his revenge on this group of kids that are nowa bunch of jerk-off teenagers!

The vibe of the flick kinda gave me that Freddy feel, as Stitches is a full on wise cracker and comes up with the most inventive ways to get his revenge on with these kids. You’ll see him use a bunch of supernatural clown gadgets and you’ll see some pretty impressive special fx here as well. The movie is also pretty damn funny, picture if the kids in American Pie were hunted by a crazed undead clown at one of their wild ass parties-that’s pretty much how this one plays out. I was pretty surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. It’s got a nice simple premise and it’s a perfect party flick, beer, weed and cocktails are a must for viewing! Check it on Watch Instantly on Netflix! I’m hoping for a sequel!


I Will Be at the American Reunion!

I am not much for high school reunions, in fact I have never attended one! But I will be attending the “American Reunion” the fourth real installment of the American Pie movies. I don’t really care what anyone says, all three American Pie movies were really fucking funny and not just back in the late 90’s but today STILL they are hilarious!! So with the new trailer hitting the web I have to say this one looks like it’s going to be more of the same style shenanigans-which is just fine by me. We get to see what the whole gang is up to now…yeah even Nadia!! Well if you give a shit here is the new trailer I am personally pumped for this one! Check it out April 4th 2012! Finally Tara Reid gets some damn work! She MUST be relieved!!

The Last American Virgin: John Hughes on Crack!

Wow yesterday I watched a movie that seriously perplexed me! The movie in question is 1982’s The Last American Virgin, which I thought was going to be a relatively innocent John Hughes / Revenge of the Nerds style rip off film. We I must say this movie is just downright fucked! First off I have to mention the movie has a pretty amazing 80’s soundtrack-Devo, The Cars, Blondie U2 and about a billion other 80’s new wave bands have songs in this film which almost plays like one long music video. It starts off as just a bad 80’s teen comedy-kinda like American Pie set in ’82.

The three main characters are flat out creepy, creepy dudes Continue reading