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What if Monsters Really Do Exist?!! Adam Green’s Ready to Make You Believe!

What if monsters really did exist? What if they were all around us all of the time but we just couldn’t see them?! Well here’s a rad monster movie that answers those very questions called “Digging Up The Marrow”.  This one’s brought to us by modern horror master Adam Green who’s already scared the shit out of us with his awesome old school throwback “Hatchet” films and the super ski lift suspense shocker “Frozen”!

This one is a mockumentary about Green and his film crew as they get contacted by a strange man who claims he can prove to them that monsters are indeed real. This one looks like my kind of movie, filled with a fun plot filled with twists and of course creepy ass looking monsters. At first glance this one reminds me a little bit of the Norwegian flick “Trollhunter” which I thoroughly enjoyed. So sign me up I can’t wait for Green to prove to me that things that go bump in the night are indeed a reality!! Look for this one on Feb. 20th 2015!!

And more about the movie from the director….

Get Ready To Dig Up the Hatchet!

If you didn’t already know this Hatchet was one of the best horror flicks of 2006. It got critical acclaim from nearly every horror website (almost a little overboard though if you ask me) and it’s villain Victor Crowley has been compared to such icons as Freddy Krueger  and Michael Myers. Now I’m not sure he deserves that much praise yet but the film’s director Adam Green sure deserves props for casting Friday the 13th’s Kane Hodder(Jason) as the big deformed Hillbilly.

 As mush as I dug the first Hatchet I can’t say it had too much in the originality category, it’s story was pretty standard but it had one thing going for it-great old school gore Continue reading