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Roger Rabbit Returns….

Over the weekend it was revealed that Robert Zemekis is indeed bringing Roger Rabbit back to the big screen. There hasn’t been too much solidĀ info revealed on the sequel except that movie will be penned by it’s original writers Peter Seaman and Jeffrey Price. There has been talk of making the movie partailly in 3-D andĀ using motion capture for all characters other than the cartoons in a recent interview I saw at Mtv.com. Something is starting to sound a little well how can I put it quite simply? Lame!


So wasn’t the charm of the first movie the fact that the Toons were existing in the real world? Continue reading

3-D Bloody RULES!!!

Yesterday i went to see the brand spankin’ new remake of “My Bloody Valentine” in 3-D and i must say it was worth every penny. i must admit though i have never actually seen the original version of the movie-but i do intend to. The plot is pretty simple, coal miner Harry Warden is trapped in a tragic mining accident and ends up being the only survivor winding up in a coma as a result of it. A year later he awakens on Valentine’s Day and slaughters 2 dozen people as he makes his escape from the hospital only to be “killed” by two local police officers. Fast forward 10 years and the killer is supposedly back in the small town of Harmony (where this all took place originally), dressed as a masked miner, armed with a pick axe and ready to do some damage.

Oh yeah, the only thing that really sucked about this movie was all the flying glass that i had to pull out of my skin afterwards…
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