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Mister Saturday’s TOP 10 HORROR Flicks of 2008!

Hey it’s time to look back on all of the horror films i saw in theatres or released on dvd in 2008 and decide which ones were the coolest! Keep in mind i have not yet seen “Let the Right One In” yet or “Splinter” which i hear were pretty rad-so it’s very possible those could enter the top 10. So let’s get down to business!!!

10. The Cottage: This was a surprisingly great horror comedy starring Andy Serkis (LOTR’s Golem). A cool gory fast paced tale of 2 criminals buffoons who kidnap the daughter of an underground kingpin holding her for ransom in a cottage in the farmland. What ensues is a comedic bloodbath when they realize they’re tresspassing on a hulking mutated rednecks land. Fans of “Shaun of the Dead” and “Severance” will be all over this one. A fun gory romp!


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