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The Krampus Movie of the 1950’s?!

So I’ve already raved about how much I loved Krampus by Michael Dougherty and I’ve bee so surprised that no one has come out with a Christmas movie about Krampus before the craze hit recently. However yesterday I saw an odd trailer for a movie supposedly from 1958 called Krampus- check this out:

So the question is, is this trailer legit? It seems a lot of websites out there claim this to be a lost trailer of movie which only print was destroyed years ago. After a little digging however it seems that this faux trailer was actually produced by Midnight Crew Studios. I had a feeling, but damn if that trailer wasn’t convincing upon the first watch!


Lastly there’s some cool new Krampus holiday figurines that have just been released from James Sizemore’s (The Demon’s Rook) company Wonder Goblin, they’re pretty awesome and can be purchased through the website for that Krampus fanatic in everyone’s life this year!




Marvel’s Avengers Movie From 1952!!

Are you craving a REAL trailer for the upcoming Avengers movie? Well if so here’s a little something to hold you over for a  bit. I just stumpled upon this awesome video on Youtube today-It’s a faux trailer made for the  Avengers movie if it was made in the 50’s and they did quite an amazing job! Supposedly there are 18 Marvel characters in the trailer too…I have to say I wish this was a real cuz I’d be watching it today! Check it!