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The Awesome Lost TV Pilot: ‘Tag Team’ with Rowdy Roddy Piper & Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura!

I recently discovered an awesome little bit of information about a tv show pilot from way back in 1991 called “Tag Team”- an awesome little pilot that for some reason never made it into a full blown series. Tag Team starred Jesse Ventura & Rowdy Roddy Piper as two tag team professional wrestlers who get black mailed into becoming cops. The show brought in the writers from Magnum PI and they aimed high for an A-Team type of show filled with comedy and plenty of action. I was recently listening to the latest “We the People” which is Jesse Ventura’s podcast, where he has Roddy Piper on as his guest and they discuss some of their greatest wrasslin’ memories together. They spend a decent amount of time talking about “Tag Team” and the troubles they ran into getting the show on the air.


Both of these guys were favorites of mine as a kid and honestly I’m quite surprised that I haven’t heard about this show until just now. Considering that both of them star in some of my favorite movies ever like “Predator” and “They Live” and neither of these two guys appear to be slowing down one bit these days. Piper has his own podcast appropriately called “Piper’s Pit” and has a cool new HP Lovecraft inspired horror flick in the works called “Portal to Hell” which I am dying to see!

Roddy has been praised by his fans as being one of the coolest guys to meet. Ventura has been Governor of Minnesota and most recently has started his own political web series called “Off the Grid” and has been hinting at a Presidential run in 2016 to really shake things up.


I’m a big fan of Ventura and his no B.S. political views would be a breath of fresh air, so I’m hoping he runs as Universal Dork will be behind him if he does. Either way the whole lost pilot of Tag Team can be seen right here on Youtube! Check this out it’s a ton of fun~!


The Hunt for Manimal!!!

I don’t know what got me started today but I am on a rabid hunt for one of the most rad 80’s series of all time “Manimal”!! What you don’t remember that one? Of course not it was only on for like 3 months before they cancelled that shit way back in1983! What the hell is a Manimal you ask? Well it’s a rad doctor dude who pretty much has everything going for him and then add on top of it one other interesting quality….he can turn into any damn animal he wants to at will! How rad is that?!

 Well apparently people back in 1983 were brain dead because the little bits and peices I did remember of the show were even more mindblowing upon watching them on Youtube today! They pretty much show him transforming into all kinds of intense animals, for instance check Manimal out as he transforms into a fucking falcon below!

How cool was that? Yeah and pretty much every tranformation is like five minutes long, and the funny thing is is that when he transforms back into a “man” he has all of his damn clothes on everytime! What the hell? He seems to suffer the same condition as Bruce Banner did in the 80’s cartoon-everytime he changed back he had all his clothes on too-and they were like brand spankin’ new! So I have been on a hunt for it today as I’d like to get the whole series and bring the Pilot “Movie” to a bad movie night-as It would be bound to be a hit. Watch here as he transforms into a damn snake!

And check this out as he turns into a bad ass panther! Even the tigers and lions are like WTF?!!

From what I understand special effects wizard Stan Winston was behind the transformations-no wonder why they rule so hard! Anyway I am really hoping the series gets released soon on dvd, why they cancelled this show is beyond me….never forget….MANIMAL!!

The Walking Dead TV Series Pilot!

So the word on the street the past couple days is all about The Walking Dead! As reported by Variety it seems that the project is even closer now to hitting the small screen as AMC has greenlit a pilot!

I must say I am more than pumped by this move as the comic has got to be the best out there hitting the shelves. I have made comparisons to people of The Walking dead being the comic book equivalent to “LOST” as once you start reading you just can’t stop. I am pretty sure that this show is going to be absolutely huge as there has never ever been a show like it. Plus having just recently rewatched “The Mist” which Frank Darabont directed as well this news seems that much more exciting. Having him directing is going to make this show pretty amazing. Let’s face it the creatures in The Mist looked pretty bad, but the way he handled the human interaction was brilliant and exactly what a show like The Walking Dead needs. This is what was recently reported:

“THE WALKING DEAD’s road to the small screen has been a long one, but so far it’s looking like the best of all worlds,” creator and writer Robert Kirkman said. Continue reading

The Walking Dead: AMC purchases the rights for a TV series!!


It’s just been announced that the cable network AMC, has purchased the rights to Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, for a potential television series. Already on board for the show are Frank Darabont (Oscar-nominated writer of ‘the Green Mile’ and ‘the Shawshank Redemption’) who’s been hired to write, direct and executive produce, and Gale Anne Hurd, who’s set to executive produce as well.

This is extremely promising. Besides the notable names already attached, AMC has also been putting out great shows recently like ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Breaking Bad’. They also are responsible for the most popular horror-movie themed marathon on TV today, their annual Fear Fest that shows around Halloween.

I for one, would love to see it shot in black and white, but that seems unlikely.

Small Wonder: Television’s Best Kept Secret

After reading today, that an update of Short Circuit is in the works, I started thinking about my favorite 80’s robot from the sitcom, Small Wonder!

An extremely entertaining show full of ugly people that is best enjoyed the second time around. It stars Tiffany Brissette as Vicki the Robot, a little android girl created by her Geppetto-like father for the amusement of the rest of the Lawson family. Vicki sleeps inside a cabinet located in her hormonal ‘brother’ Jamie’s room when she’s not rapidly vaccuming the den or flapping her arms to gain flight for the viewer’s entertainment.

Small Wonder has many bizarre moments, most of which deal with Vicki’s dark side and her programming’s limits when it comes to common human-specific issues. Check out this video of Vicki learning about mortality:

If you’ve never seen this show and want the story before you plunk down hundreds of dollars for high-res bootlegs of the entire series’ run, then keep reading, but WARNING: SPOILERS ABOUND!!!

Continue reading