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The World’s greatest fantasy music videos! Queen is back again!

Wow Queen sure knew how to write some totally awesome songs for fantasy movies in the 1980’s! Let’s not forget that they also wrote the theme song to the amazing Flash Gordon movie. Just seeing this video makes me want to run out and rent this! Check it out:

World’s Greatest fantasy music videos! Blind guardian in a video game!!!

Yeah Blind Guardian is one of the BEST metal bands EVER. If you don’t already know who this rad band is you need to go out and buy their stuff! They’ve been around since the 80’s and have only gotten better in time!! Well they appeared at the 2008 Comic Con to promote the new video game “Sacred 2”. Their music is featured in the video game and the band themselves are also. Anyway I though this was a cool video trailer for the game and most of all thought the new song they wrote for the game was pretty amazing as well….

World’s greatest fantasy music videos!! Queen!!!

So all this talk yesterday about Tom Hanks LARPING and this weekends return to my D&D adventure(we’ve had like a 3-week hiatus!) has got me thinking about what the BEST fantasy music videos of all time are! They have to have swords & scorcery in them and they have to be real music videos that the band made. So first up is none other than Queen with the theme song from Highlander “Princes of the Universe”!! Enjoy!! If you know of any let me know!