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A song to sing on the 4TH!!

So here’s a great song you can learn easily and sing all day well into the night when you are completely WASTED! Check it out! And happy 4th of July!

Greatest comic book themed music videos ever! a-ha brings it for the ladies…

This video needs no introduction!! Probably one of the BEST songs of the 80’s and easily one of the best videos ever made.This alone could be the best comic book themed music video ever!! See what happens ladies when you spend some quality time reading comic books? You fall in love and go on rad adventures….i never get sick of this one. So everyone here it is one more time “Take on Me” by A-ha…

Greatest Comic book themed music videos! Vanilla Ice & The Turtles?!

Hmmmm…the Ninja Rap music video!

A true classic and even though I can appreciate it for how cheezy it is it’s still hard for me to get fully behind having read the original series by Eastman & Laird in the 80’s that my older brother at the time was collecting. It’s strange that many people don’t know that at one time the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kicked major ass. They were bad ass vigilantes that drew blood and beat the living shit out of the Shredder in the first story arc.

These Turtles pictured here from the original 80’s comic book would have tore Vanilla Ice a new asshole…

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Greatest comic book themed music Videos! Power man & iron fist rap about the watchmen in the 80’s!!!!

OK this has to be seen to be beleived!! This “Watchmen” song came out in 1980’s (can this really be real?) by rap duo “Luscious C and DJ Fist”. They are dressed up as Luke “Power Man” Cage and Iron Fist as they rap about the Watchmen!! Um am i dreaming here? Am i still asleep? Why have i never seen or heard of this before? One thing is for sure-I am gonna get the scoop on these guys! Maybe they will make a comeback now that the Watchmen are all the rage? I wonder if at least Alan Moore will check this video out as a substitute for the current movie? I wonder if he approved of this song and video? Who know maybe he sings along to it secretly everyday in the shower?!! Either way this is a true treat. I can honestly say as I search for comic book themed music videos I may as well stop here as I have obviously hit the jackpot-enjoy!!

GREATEST comic book themed music videos ever!! Entombed praises Wolverine!!

Wow, this is harder than i thought finding comic book inspired music videos!! I am not going to give up easily though even if Nickelback actually does make the cut. Well anyway here’s an interesting one by the Swedish metal band “Entombed” called “Wolverine Blues”. I think judging by this video it is safe to say they are huge fans!! Check it out and make sure to check back for our official review for “The Watchmen” movie.

GREATEST comic book themed music videos ever!!

So i was thinking after doing the still on-running “Greatest Horror Music Videos Ever” what the best comic themed music videos are? How many are out there that could i even find? Ten of them for a top ten list? Would I be forced to post that one song and video by Nickelback from the Spider-man movie?!! The curiosity got the best of me and the challenge begins…The Greatest Comic Book Themed music videos of ALL-TIME will be posted here!!! Wonder no more as i begin to compile them ALL here. The first one up? Well Prince of course with, ah…….well…yeah…The Bat Dance….well folks i sure hope it gets better than this!! enjoy it in all it’s glory: