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No the contest is not over!! Or at least the compilation of rad or terrible horror themed music videos. So today i want everyone to remember The RAMONES and their awesome song and video for “Pet Cemetery” they made for the movie in the 80’s. Have a an amazing saturday every one!!

Best Horror music video ever?! Enter “the number of the beast”!!!

Ok not only is this one of the best songs EVER but Iron Maiden is probably the BEST Metal band of all time!! So check out this classic horror themed video for “The Number of the Beast”. Not only do they pay tribute to the Wolfman but also Godzilla, Nosferatu and the Crimson Ghost. They also have the awesome giant sized “Eddie” up on stage with them which is downright creepy! So check this one out and let it get your blood pumpin’ for a rockin’ friday night!!!

The best horror music video ever? thor is in the lead!!!

Hey check out the mighty metal god Thor with his music video for “We Accept the Challenge” for the movie “Rock n’ Roll Nightmare” from the 80’s!! “Accepting the challenge” is exactly what he is dong for BEST Horror Music Vid EVER! I think he is in the lead with this one as he is in the ultimate epic battle against Satan himself! Whoah watch out for Beezlebub’s EVIL & DEADLY starfish he can hurl at you!! It just does not get any better than this. Do we have a new number one?!!

Best HORROR MUSIC VIDEO EVER? George Romero & The Misfits want in!

Hey I know alot of people dissed on second incarnation The Misfits with Michale Graves but you know what? I kinda liked them! Say what you will (like they suck complete bull frog butt wang) about the current line up of Jerry Only, Dez Cadena and Robo but I have always kinda shamefully enjoyed the “American Psycho” and “Famous Monsters” albums. I even saw them live once in 1997! Don’t get me wrong I think Jerry Only is a total douche, especially with his current line-up calling themselves the Misfits and Danzig (a douche as well) should just give in and give us a real Misfits tour already. Either way you see it i thought is was pretty cool that the Graves led Misfits made a video that was directed by horror legend George Romero for thier song “Scream”!! They also appeared in his crap-tastic movie “Bruiser”. Check this video out as it enters in the running for Universal Dork’s “Best Horror Themed Muisc Video” and goes up against Wacko Jacko’s “Thriller” which holds the numer one slot…

If you can think of any, please post some of your favorite Horror themed videos here too! We wanna see ’em!!

Best HORROR MUSIC VIDEO EVER? Alice cooper wants in!

This debate is raging on like a WILD FIRE! Well, um, not really but Alice Cooper’s “He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)” from Friday the 13th part VI-Jason Lives sure does deserve to be included right here!! I’m not exactly sure what is up with that weird couple in the audience of the movie theater. Why exactly do they get up onstage? And what’s up with their super weird and creepy hand gestures? Maybe they are just confused cuz Alice keeps interupting the damn movie with his damn video?!! Either way they deserve whatever Alice or Jason has cooked up for them! Check it out:


Here’s another pretty rad song and horror themed video by Leslie & The Ly’s entitled “Zombie Killer”. I’m not sure how it fares against “Thriller” or even “Bark at the Moon” but it’s in the running now!! Enjoy!

BUT WAIT! There’s more!! Let’s get Dokken in on the action too! Continue reading

Best HORROR MUSIC VIDEO EVER? Let the debate begin…

I am a big sucker for horror movies and a HUGE music fan too as well. So I began to wonder what some of the greatest horror music videos of all time might be? I know everyone thinks of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” right off the bat. A no-brainer right? I agree that “Thriller” is the BEST horror music video of all time-right? Hmmm…Well in case you lived in a cave your entire life here it is once again:

But wait, could i be wrong? Could there really be another Horror music video better than “Thriller”?! Continue reading