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Horror icon: Elvira returns to Save Halloween 2020?!

The legendary horror icon Elvira is back!! However, like many of us, she fears that Halloween might be canceled this year. To make sure that doesn’t happen she’s released a brand new single to try to bring some spooky joy to the holiday. Yes 2020 has been a truly strange year and with coronavirus still being a big problem on planet Earth, Halloween just may indeed end up getting canceled.

BUT Not if Elvira has anything to say about it dammit, and if anyone has the final word on the holiday it’s just got to be HER. I’ve been preparing myself to revisit her classic 1988 comedy ‘Elvira: Mistress of the Dark’ this Halloween and one baffling thing I’ve noticed is something truly bizarre, now at 69 years of age she literally has not aged a day!! Perhaps she really is an immortal undead queen?! Still simply stunning in every way-here’s one thing that doesn’t suck about 2020!

C’mon People this Halloween Give the 90’s MISFITS Another Chance!

It’s Halloween….TOMORROW! The time of the year has never been more ripe than now to be cranking one of my favorite bands of all time..The Misfits! Yes I’ve been playing the shit out of the classic Danzig Fronted Misfits albums but I’m also giving the 1990’s Michale Graves version of the band some play as well!

I get it, I get it, The Misfits will always really be with Glenn at the forefront but come one, the 90’s Misfits deserve some cred too! They released two super fun horror punk albums “American Psycho” and “Famous Monsters”, with a compilation called Cuts from the Crypt as well.

Ok so they aren’t lyrically as vicious or evil as the Glenn stuff but who can resist cheezy songs about 80’s flicks like Pumpkinhead, Poltergiest and weird obscure 80’s horror like Boxing Helena and Hell night from 1981?

Hell they even appeared in the George Romero movie “Bruiser” (ok yeah so that movie kinda sucked but still!) and also had Romero direct their video for the song “Scream” and also had the legendary Basil Gogos of Famous Monsters magazine & Pushead do their cover art!

Anyway 2015 marks 20 years since this version of the band formed way back in 1995. I saw them in 1997 and well as much as I kinda wanted to diss them they were pretty great live…

So bitch all you want  about The current version of The Misfits fronted by Jerry Only but how about this year giving the classic Misfits the usual play and also adding the 90’s ‘Fits to the mix! It’s been 20 years now..get over it people! Crank this shit!

Dancing Demons and Death Metal, A Match Made in Hell!

Nothing tops the sweet sounds of a good heart jolting death metal tune, and it is hard to beat awesome b-horror movie action. So why not combine the two into what should be the ultimate culmination of sight and sound. I guess that is my ideal experience. Not sure if there are any dorks out there that agree…well, I take that back, there have to be a couple. More specifically, how about Brian Trenchard-Smith and his magnificent creation Night of the Demons 2! If you want to see a classic horror movie with a touch of some metal, please read on and also watch an uber classic scene from Night of the Demons 2 featuring Morbid Angel!

NightDemon Morbid Angel

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The Greatest Horror Themed Music Videos!! Megadeth does Shocker!!

It’s been a while since I’ve found any good Horror themed music videos but I am always on the watch for them. Especially if they are from a good 80’s movie! I realized the other day that I had totally forgotten about about the music video for Wes Craven’s 1989 horror classic “Shocker”. I had been searching Youtube for a while looking for the video for Alice Cooper’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and had no luck finding it. Then I realized that though Alice Cooper did the song originally that Megadeth actually performed the movie version. Anyway here the video is in all it’s Mustaine glory!

Greatest Horror music videos ever!! FRIGHT NIGHT!!

When I was looking for clips of ‘Evil Ed’ (who’s probably the coolest character of all time) yesterday to post here I ran across yet another horror music video that must be seen! This is the J. Geils Band doing the song ‘Fright Night’ for the movie!! This was such a cool surprise because I didn’t even know this music video ever existed!  Anyway check out this official music video for one of the 80’s coolest vampire movies…

greatest horror music videos ever?!! HARD ROCK ZOMBIES!!

Here’s a rad video for a song by Paul Sabu for the god awful movie “Hard Rock Zombies” from 1985!!  This craptastic movie is essentially one long ultra lame amazing music video! Supposedly, it was only meant to be about 20 minutes long and solely used as the feature movie in the 1985 movie “American Drive In”. Instead it spawned two ultra crappy movies both over an hour and a half in length! The video for it has most of the highlights so please enjoy!!

best horror music video ever?!! Aphex twin will give you real nightmares…

Hey just the right video to watch right before bed this sunday evening! Yeah Right! Aphex Twin’s “Come To Daddy” is sure to give you the heebie jeebies! This video is like watching a real live nightmare in the making. It always gave me the major creeps and watching it once again made me realize it’s still just as scary…

the best horror music videos ever!?! TWO From metallica!

I know everyone remembers this vieo but I think “Enter Sandman” definately qualifies for a pretty good horror themed music video! Plus it was a great song, even if Metallica was totally ripping off Danzig at the time. Plus i think it was Metallica’s last good album though many purists will say the Black album is a pile of poo! I still think it was pretty bad ass! Anyway here’s a video where Metallica tries to put the spook on us all-did they succeed? I still think that old dude is pretty creepy. Check it out for a trip down memory lane…

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No the contest is not over!! Or at least the compilation of rad or terrible horror themed music videos. So today i want everyone to remember The RAMONES and their awesome song and video for “Pet Cemetery” they made for the movie in the 80’s. Have a an amazing saturday every one!!

Best Horror music video ever?! Enter “the number of the beast”!!!

Ok not only is this one of the best songs EVER but Iron Maiden is probably the BEST Metal band of all time!! So check out this classic horror themed video for “The Number of the Beast”. Not only do they pay tribute to the Wolfman but also Godzilla, Nosferatu and the Crimson Ghost. They also have the awesome giant sized “Eddie” up on stage with them which is downright creepy! So check this one out and let it get your blood pumpin’ for a rockin’ friday night!!!