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PigeonNet vs. DSL…And you thought all they did was crap a lot!

Wow…slap in the face is an understatement on this one folks. In case you are not aware, ancient carrier pigeons are still faster than some of today’s methods of carry high volumes of data. According to, a South African IT company got so fed up with the national Telkom’s notoriously poor Internet service that they decided to set up a race that pitted the Telkom’s network against a carrier pigeon. Yeah, and the pigeon won.

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Deep Sea Basket case!!!

Just the other evening I posted a couple videos up here about some really awesome deep sea creatures. I was doing a little more research on the whole topic and decided to check out some videos of the Anglerfish. Wow, they are pretty damn creepy fish I must say! After viewing this particular video of an Anglerfish I thought I was onto something BIG! 

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Real life Sea serpents!

I was up late last night and saw a cool little film of “The Monk Fish” which was one of the featured videos last night on You Tube. Deep sea creatures  always intrigue me so I checked out a vide from some time ago I saw with an amazing creature called the Oar Fish. I guess real sea serpents do exist. Check out this amazing animal in a rare sighting near shore:

Oh and here’s the video I saw of the Monk Fish too which is very creepy!!