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Astral Projection: The Theater Method!

I’ve expressed my interest in lucid dreaming here at Universal Dork a couple times in the past and today I thought I’d take a moment to talk about ‘astral projection’. First though, if you’re not quite sure what lucid dreaming is let me make it simple, it’s when you have a very vivid dream and something within the dream triggers you to become aware that you are dreaming (movies like Inception & Dreamscape are good examples). In many of these cases often with a little practice and focus you can learn to have them quite regularly. To be honest it makes movies like ‘Inception’ feel pretty boring. It’s one of the most incredible things I’ve experienced and  anyone can do it with a little effort.

There’s another practice that’s linked to lucid dreaming called ‘astral projection‘, also known as an ‘out of body experience’ or OBE. I’ve worked a ton on different methods to experience this phenomenon with various degrees of success. I can tell you with honesty that it’s lead to the most bizarre & unexplainable experiences of my existence. I’m to this day a bit uncertain exactly what astral projection really is at it’s core, some believe it’s just an elaborate lucid dream while others believe it’s the complete separation of consciousness from the physical body. I intend to find out for myself what the truth really is behind it. Thus far I’ve had several unexplainable experiences that have lead me to believe that perhaps there’s abilities humans have that involve being able to enter into different dimensions of existence that are not of our physical material world. It’s also made me question heavily my beliefs on life after death. Perhaps there’s more to us than just our bodies of flesh and bone?   Continue reading

HD Digital TV Blu-ray SHIT Phenomenon!

Ok I have been noticing lately that everyone has got these fancy ass tv sets in their house that look like computer monitors. Supposedly they’re the wave of the future with their digital images and and HD precison. I’ve been watching movies and Tv shows at friend’s places on their two thousand dollar “killer ass” Tv sets and you know what? I think they SUCK! Wanna know the reason why? Well last night I was watching “Purple Rain” on one and I noticed once again that most of the movie when viewed on a Tv like that somehow seems to look like a cheezy soap opera!! Like a damn episode of “Saved By the Bell”!

It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen-half the movie looked like a normal movie-then suddenly a shot comes in and it looks like Prince is starring in a lost epsode of General Hospital!!! Does anyone out there know what I’m talking about?? Am I completely crazy??

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Happy New Years to all DORKS!!

Happy New Years!

Well here it is 2010!! Things are not nearly advanced as they were believed to be by this year in all of those sci-fi movies! Anyway This january here marks one full year of Universal Dork! I can’t believe how fast this year went and how many blogs we’ve done. I also wanted to thank everyone who checked us out here an continues too! There’s never a shortage of geeky things to report and as long as there continues to be we’ll be giving our two cents worth on them all. So now taking a deep breath that the holidays are almost completely over we can really get focused here again. Keep your eyes open for our best and worst of 2009 this week! I’d do one today but honestly typing this is a challenging right now as I am quite brain dead from last night. Also you’ll be noticing soon a new look for the site, don’t worry though the Beyonder won’t be going anywhere! Thanks again!

Cartoons Dorks Should Be Watching, Issue #0: A Quick Tutorial

Welcome! Here at Universal Dork we try to offer diversity in our blogging that will appeal to all dorks out there. Here is a new running series of blogs appropriately entitled Cartoons Dorks Should be Watching! It will feature newer (within the last 5-10 yrs) cartoons that our generation might be missing. Or frankly, cartoons you might be passing off as ‘toon trash on Saturday mornings. It needs to be said that many of these cartoons have stayed focused at their primary audience…kids…so you have to enter willingly and just be a lover cartoons with great characters and stories.

Universal Dork Cartoons Dorks Should Be Watching

Read on after the jump for just a bit more tutelage…
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Universal Dork Wishes you a Happy Halloween!

Well dorks, it is that special time of year…Hallo-f’n-ween! By in large, this is the holiday that just calls to all dorks to don their favorite character’s likeness and beat their hooves to a party, pub crawl, etc. So please join us at Universal Dork in celebrating our first Halloween…and let us offer a great big thanks for coming out and supporting us along they way…and reading along…Happy Halloween!

Universal Dork Happy Halloween

Please jump for more treats!
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Hot Wheels: Unemployment Solution for Out of Work Movie Monsters

Let’s face it, the world today is just not the same as it was 5 years ago. Financial collapse, mortgage system downturn, health care in crisis, and unemployment sky rocking across the nation. Well one toy manufacturer is trying to bring forward solutions to the worst hit by the employment issues…yeah, the Big Movie Monsters! This is a Universal Dork Exclusive, you will only see it here dorks. Mattel the makers of Hot Wheels Cars and accessories is taking measures to bring some relief to these heavy footed b-film icons.

Hotwheels Monsters
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Universal Dork Exclusive: Jabba the Slim Necked Hut!

You will hear it here first…and only here at Universal Dork!

Despite popular belief, Jabba the Hut did not die on his sand barge by the Sarlacc pit on Tatooine.  If you remember the accounts of the fateful day, he was believed to be choked to death by the very chains that bound his entertainment, Princess Leia.   But in fact, Jabba was just unconscious and his loyal assistant Salatious Crumb was able to remove the giant from the barge and to safety.

The only thing that saved Jabba from being choked to death was his extreme girth, especially around his neck.  Jabba was happy that his size played a role in his survival, but shortly after this ordeal, Jabba became a recluse; hiding from all, even the Hut.  Jabba became so concerned with his outward appearance, in particular his neck, that he took matters into his own hands.
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