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Mentally challenged magneto!!!

Here we have perhaps the greatest cartoon of all time!! The Menace of  Magneto!! This episode from the Fantastic Four series w/ Herbie the Robot  is one of my all time favorites. I own this on VHS and have watched this, shown it to friends a million times and it NEVER disappoints! There is clearly something very wrong with Magneto on this particular afternoon! The first clue is that damn ridiculous car he’s driving around!! Is that the best he could do for a vehicle?!

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The Marvel Alphabet of Shame

Any fan of obscure Marvel characters has to check out this amazing A-Z list of Marvel’s most shameful creations brought to you by Jared Hindman and found here:

Some of the highlights:

-D is for Dyke. Yes, there is a real Marvel villainess by this name.

-F is for Fatman. He’s aussie!

-J is for Jihad, created in late 2001.

-O is for the Orifice. You have to check this one out.

And my favorite…

Voodoo Phone!


Plus all those other letters that make up the alphabet, beautiful illustrations of each as well as some official Marvel backstory. Check it out and get your lame on!

The Beyonder’s greatest moments…

In case anyone was wondering that dude at the top of our page is “The Beyonder” from “Secret Wars II” from the 80’s. He has gotta be one of Marvel’s Lamest villains ever (though I think Dylan who also posts here may strongly disagree). He was considered the most powerful alien being in the universe. But in the comics when he first came to earth he was really confused about alot of shit we do here. For a short period upon arriving to Earth he took on the physical appearance of Steve Rogers (Captain America) and and shortly thereafter as the Michael Jackson style character seen at the top of our page. As you can see in the panel below he’s completely clueless as he harasses Peter Parker in an elevator!! Check out one of his many “Why Is?” moments!


Nomad was destined to fight the losers!

So Nomad, Captain America’s trusty sidekick from the 80’s, sure got involved fighting some losers in his time! Before he went up against The Slug who i profiled earlier he faced this Douche Bag named “MADCAP” in Captain America #307 and then again in issue #309. I am not sure if Madcap was supposed to be Marvel’s version of the Joker or what but what i do know is this idiot needed to get his ass kicked to the moon in a very bad way! This guys had probably the lamest costume of the 80’s and carried around a squirt gun that shot out bubbles that would make you go “mad”.


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Hey there! so here’s another installment of “The World’s Lamest Villains”. Today i am showcasing a villain from The Thing #7 from 1984. First off i would like to say when when The Thing finally got his own solo title in 1983 i almost pee’d my lil’ pants! He was by far one of my favorite characters as a kid and still is today which makes this installment a cool little trip down memory lane. I remember getting getting this comic at a drugstore in Oshkosh Wisconsin back then. But anyway enough about me let’s get on with the one they call GOODY TWO-SHOES!!


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World’s Lamest villains: The Slug!

So i would like to dedicate part of this blog to some of the worst, most god-awful, lamest, loser villains in comic book history! When you think Captain America you think of the Red Skull, Baron Zemo or maybe even Baron Blood right? WRONG. Enter “The Slug!”. This loser first appeared in Captain America #324 and then fully in #325.


Ulysses X. Lugman the crimelord / drug trafficker / ladie’s man from Miami weighs over a thousand pounds and can’t walk! Continue reading