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Whatever Happened to H.E.R.B.I.E. the Robot?!

Well the one good thing about having your own blog is that you can shamelessly hype your own shit! In this day and age of the internet let’s face it, it’s hard to get anyone to help you get the word out there on your own projects. So as you may or may not know, my musical alter ego is Mister Saturday, the first and as far as I know ONLY nerdcore reggae dancehall artist. I’ve been cranking out these ridiculous songs for years now, singing or toasting (as a Jamaican might call it) which is essentially rapping about the kind of stuff I want to hear in a reggae song. Stuff like Star Trek, The Incredible Hulk, Land of the Lost, Three’s Company, Godzilla, D&D and comic books. Basically stuff that you would never hear a reggae artist sing about ever, past or present.

herbie the robot

Being a big fan of reggae since I was a kid in the 80’s I decided it was time to make these type of songs myself, whether anyone liked it or not. So, this brings me to my latest song, I wrote over a popular Swedish dancehall riddim about H.E.R.B.I.E. the Robot. I realize most people probably don’t even remember Herbie the Robot, but in the 1970’s he replaced The Human Torch on the animated series!


They actually thought The Human Torch was bad for children because they thought kids might try and light themselves on fire to emulate the character! So we got good ol’ Herbie instead! Well he kinda disappeared after that series, so I decided to find out where he went! Check it!


Universal Dork : The Song!

So I could go on on on and on about all the multi million dollar movies out there and hype them up even more, or talk mad shit on them til the cows come home-but really do they need anymore people promoting their shit for them? I think not. Instead though I am going to hype up my new song I wrote with Ensly Mogul my spacehall nerdcore partner in crime. In fact he was an original contributor here on Universal Dork and from time to time used to post here. I have been releasing nerdcore dance hall for years and just recently started up writing new jams and rehearsing with Mogul for live shows.

Anyway we just recently put the finishing touches on this one, which is a nerdcore mix of hip hop, reggae spacehall bursting with dork rhymes galore. This is the second track we’ve released and it will be part of our upcoming full length album – dorks unite and please help us spread the word and let us know what you think so far!

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yeah-it’s true today is my birthday! I am going to pretend that somebody just gave me this lovely cake here!! It’s funny how when I was young and thought about getting  older I always kinda thought I’d be all into reading the newspaper, golfing and checking on wallstreet stocks and shit like that. However that’s NOT the case- somehow it seems at least for me things never change. Nope I still LOVE the Hulk as much as or even more than I did when I was just a little buster!

So I guess when I get really old, well I’ll still be a dork til the day I die-it’s funny cuz this cake was probably given to a 5 year old…that actually puts my mind to rest thank you. Oh yeah and I posted this video last year-and it still RULES!!! Thanks to whoever the hell made this!

Go For It!!

I thought it’d be cool to share a couple videos with you here that fellow contributor Eljamez filmed and collaborated on here at Universal Dork. I being a personal fan of awkward, quirky humour am a big fan of these and am trying to get him to make some more videos.  He of course as well helped out and filmed the Mister Saturday “Get Your Own” box Video which, well what the hell-I’ll post again here! There’s just not enough damn shameless self promotion here at Universal anyway! Anyway the first video is one of my fav’s for the faux pilot to the show “Going For it” had it been developed more I’m sure it would have rivaled Three’s Company of Perfect Strangers anyday! check it out:

Next up is “The Visit” this is well, um just try and make sense of this one…. Continue reading

Universal Dork Wishes you a Happy Halloween!

Well dorks, it is that special time of year…Hallo-f’n-ween! By in large, this is the holiday that just calls to all dorks to don their favorite character’s likeness and beat their hooves to a party, pub crawl, etc. So please join us at Universal Dork in celebrating our first Halloween…and let us offer a great big thanks for coming out and supporting us along they way…and reading along…Happy Halloween!

Universal Dork Happy Halloween

Please jump for more treats!
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Epic D&D with universal dork blogger!!

Hey I had this video up on my myspace page for quite sometime but I thought I would post it here too. I play D&D every Sunday evening and right now I’m currently the DM. This game however I was just a player character. Sometimes we dress up for our games, play by candle light in the basment, all have special voices and we have alot of fun! Here’s a clip from one of our games. Check this out!

Vintage footage find: Our very own Mr. Saturday playing video games!

Although most of you guys know blogger extrordinaire Mr. Saturday for his love of all things Hulk, Star Trek and D&D, you may not know that he was once a world class video gamer. He holds 1st through 6th place records on the internationally beloved old school game ‘Unreal Tournament’. Sure, every one of us has blistered our thumbs attempting to beat level 4-4, but no one played this game with such intensity as Mr. Saturday did. Unfortunately, his ferocious love for UT also led to his decade-long gaming exile. Here is some recently discovered, vintage footage of Mr. Saturday getting ready to set another UT record:

Get Your own box!!

Hey if you haven’t already seen my music video i made about Cheez-its check it out now. It’s about all i could come up with here today after drinking too much wine and watching some terrible movies last night at our official “BAD MOVIE NIGHT 4”! Check back tomorrow too see what stinkers we watched!! Right now here it is again as i shamelessly self promote my own music video!!