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Real Life Superheroes in the news….

We had a blog a while back about real life superheroes, so in my late night boredom I decided to see if  any of these guys have been gaining any real publicity. I found a neat little peice that was done recently on the news about them. Though it seems these “superheroes” may not be your modern day Daredevil or Batman, the story was nonetheless amusing. I do wonder if there are any real life masked vigilantes roaming the dark dangerous streets at night? I suppose if there were they probably wouldn’t be showing themselves on The Super Hero Registry sight. Perhaps I’ll do a little digging and see what I can find about masked vigilantes, but in the meantime these guys will just have to do!

Universal Dork’s – Best Costumes of Comic-Con 2009

Well, Universal Dork has yet another special treat for the loyal followers. Having access to the 2009 San Diego Comic-con allows for a wide variety of things, exclusive movie trailers and previews, TV pilots, Celeb/Creator panels, comics, art, video games, toys…and on and on. But one of the most heralded and timeless aspects of the Comic-con are the attendee’s costumes.

Well, this was my first year attending the Comic-con but the level of participation in donning of costumes met my expectations. So it is with great please that Universal Dork brings you the Best Dressed of San Diego Comic-con 2009. Loyal readers, please keep in mind that approximately 150,000 people were expected at this year’s Comic-con over the course of 4 days, so this is Universal Dorks snippet of the samplings.

And the Best Costumes are…. (Drum Roll Please!) pldtpldtpldtpldtpldtpldtpldtpldtpldtpldtpldtpldtpldt
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George Clooney as Wolverine!

Who would have known that George Clooney was such a HUGE Wolverine fan?!! It seems he’s so hyped about the film that he’s been seen and photographed several times in this Wolverine costume around town. Perhaps he’s just jealous of  Hugh Jackman? Or maybe just losing his mind? Maybe he wants to star in the sequel? Whatever the reason it’s clear he’s a TOTAL fanboy!!!


George Clooney is definately seeing Wolverine today!!


There is a phenomenon sweeping the world right now. One that should have happened many years ago-REAL LIFE SUPER HEROES!!! I have thought for years that superheroes didn’t exist but this last weekend i found out how wrong I truely was when I stumbled upon It turns out there are a whole slew of superheroes out on the scene patrolling our streets. Whether or not they are anything like Batman or Daredevil remains to be seen-but they are out there! Perhaps it was the recent success of Mark Millar’s KICK-ASS which has got the normal Joe donning the spandex? Or maybe the loads of superhero movies in the past years? Either way It was nice to find out that out on our dangerous streets at night you will feel perhaps just a little more safe knowing that these guys are watching out for your safety check it out!