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Oh How I Miss Super Joe & The Gang!!

I was having a flashback today of one of my favorite toy lines of all time! Hasbro’s Super Joe!!! Yeah Super Joe Adventure Team was the absolute shit back in the late 1970’s, I owned these as a kid and they still remain some of the most cool toys of time in my opinion. Ok so I may be a bit partial because of the nostalgia factor, but you gotta admit they are some pretty rad vintage action figures!


I still have Terron back in storage at my parents house. Super Joe could stop the monster reptile Terron in his tracks by shining a light at him, it perplexed and amazed me back then and still does! Don’t even get me started on how in love I was with Gor! So in honor of these awesome action figures, here’s some cool pics I found and some commercials from 1977/78!

super joe

Terron! I made him fight my Giant Godzilla all the time too, those were some epic battles!!


In action!!!

The mighty GOR!



R.I.P. Hostess: Classic Twinkie Moments!!.

Could it be true? The Twinkie is gone forever?! No more Ho Ho’s?! No more Ding Dongs?! Or those fruit pies? Or those Cup Cakes? Well truth be told I never ate many Twinkies or Hostess stuff in general when I was a kid, I really wanted to but Mom was always warning me that they were way too bad for me to consume! I was more of a Little Debbie kinda guy. That probably wasn’t much better really. I did however seriously love the Marvel Twinkie mini comics they’d put into the regular issues!

Anyway today we hear the news that Twinkies may be gone for good (which I highly doubt) I can’t say I am too sad but somewhere people are probably really upset! So here’s a few vintage Twinkie commercials in honor of one of the strangest most unhealthy kids snacks of all time!

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Found Footage Festival, Good Times.

James here, Last night Universal Dork blogger Peter Saturday and myself checked out the touring “Found Footage Fest” at the Laurelhurst Theater here in Portland. And I have to say it was pretty awesome. The entire premise of the fest is pretty much inherit in their name. It’s all found footage from old VHS tapes found anywhere from thrift stores to dumpsters. According to the website, the two guys (Joe and Nick) that put on this fest have been collecting these videos since 1991 and they watch hours upon hours of these videos to find the true gems that we get to see in the final product. Check out their tour dates to see when they will be visiting a city near you. They do a great job of guiding us through the re-discovered gold that is the Found Footage Fest. If you can’t wait, the website has some great videos. Here are a few of my favorites.
Ed Asner want’s you to be Stress Free.

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Hot Wheels: Unemployment Solution for Out of Work Movie Monsters

Let’s face it, the world today is just not the same as it was 5 years ago. Financial collapse, mortgage system downturn, health care in crisis, and unemployment sky rocking across the nation. Well one toy manufacturer is trying to bring forward solutions to the worst hit by the employment issues…yeah, the Big Movie Monsters! This is a Universal Dork Exclusive, you will only see it here dorks. Mattel the makers of Hot Wheels Cars and accessories is taking measures to bring some relief to these heavy footed b-film icons.

Hotwheels Monsters
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I am not the only Creep Out There!

Sometimes I think I am the only one with the creepy thoughts. Not that I would act on them or anything, but they give me a good laugh from time to time. Over the last couple years, I have noticed that I am not alone in the universe. There are other creep out there…and there appears to be a large number making commercials. Here is quick collection of newer commercials that just have creepy aspects to them. These may not be the perfect examples of the series of commercials (meaning following a product line or particular brand), but I think you have to agree. If you have some others that you recommend and find the creep factor to be a bit high…please send along!

And now…Enjoy!


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