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R.I.P. Christopher Lee…A True Wizard!

R.I.P. Christopher Lee, you’re were a true icon! This again proves how awesome you were! You were a true Wizard at heart!

The Seventh Curse: Indiana Jones….on Acid!

I finally checked out a movie I’d been wanting to see now for the longest time-The Seventh Curse from 1986! This is surely one of the coolest movies that you’ve never seen! This Chinese action/ adventure/ horror movie has got it all and I’d really expect no less from a flick by Ngai Kai Lam. If you aren’t familiar with Lam you’ve missed out big time for a long time. Most famous for “Riki-Oh:The Story of Ricky” from 1991, which is seriously one of the coolest movies ever made, The Seventh Curse is equally as good in different yet similar ways. I guess I’d best have to describe The Seventh Curse as Hong Kong’s fucked up version of Indiana Jones, and I mean that in the best way possible.


This one has it all really, a young adventuresome cop deep in the jungles of Thailand tries to rescue a beautiful girl from being sacrificed by the evil “Worm Tribe”.  In doing so he’s captured by an evil witch Doctor who  casts seven “Blood Curses” on him, which burst through his legs periodically. When the seventh bursts, it will affect his heart killing him swiftly.  Betsy (a strange mane for a member of The Worm Tribe), the hot jungle vixen he saved, stops the curse with an antidote, that she draws from the most peculiar place(trust me).


This however will only protect him for one year, so on the advice of his friend Wisely (Chow Yun-fat) he heads back to Thailand to find a permanent cure. Serious adventure ensues as the cop and his mercenaries battle the evil sorcerer of the Worm Tribe, a ridiculously hideous blood hungry baby-like creature, and finally “Old Ancestor,” a skeleton with glowing blue eyes that’s got some impressive kung fu chops himself and can transforms into something far more sinister!


Sound like fun? You bet it is! Throw in some great 80’s style monster effects, some great sets, jungle adventure sequences, top notch kung fu, some nice gore and a bunch of really bizarro plot twists and you’ve got a true genre classic that is not to be missed by any fan of awesome odd ball cinema. The Seventh Curse is just as cool in my opinion as Riki-Oh and it really makes me want to hunt down down more of Lam’s movies. This one pretty hard to find on dvd, but I’m sure it could be downloaded somewhere on line, or you could buy it on If you’re craving some wild offbeat 80’s adventure then this one movie NOT to be missed!!!

A fair Trade: D&D for Power Metal!

Tonight is usually the night we normally play D&D but instead this evening we’re all going to see some power metal instead! In “The Dungeon” which is what we call our basement area where we geek out and role dice every sunday we listen to stuff like Mortiis, Midnight Syndicate and other various movie scores while we play. But during the game when a battle ensues the music quickly changes to various fantasy power metal mixes that I have made exclusively for D&D. Nothing get’s a battle moving more than a little Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden or Elvenking!

sonata arctica

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The Rulers of Metal Magic – Bal-Sagoth!

Alright, let’s just get this straight right now…there is metal, all different genres of metal in fact. You may prefer death, black, doom, speed, or maybe thrash. But when the genre of metal magic comes up, there are notable kings. But the clear dominant force of metal magic (in my humble dork opinion) is none other than the infamous Bal-Sagoth!


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