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Comic Book Cover of the Week: X-men & Star Trek Team Up?!

Here’s funny little team up that went down back in 1998 and happens to have a cover I think is deserving for a spotlight if not only for how odd the whole idea is! The X-men appeared along the cast of the Star Trek: The Next Generation for this 64 page one shot, something many people have forgotten about or perhaps just never even considered existed. But there was of course a small demand by some fans to see these guys team up against not only the Borg but also the Sentinels! This cover features artwork by Cary Nord and Scott Koblish check it out…

There was also an alternate cover too:

Now only if we could have had the X-men team up with the original crew right? Well they fucking did that shit too in 1996!

Yeah and we even got to see Wolverine and Spock tangle a bit- so there’s that! Seems like Spock just may have served Wolverine his ass on a platter if really pushed to the limit-non-berserker Vulcan style!



Rambo V: On a Path To Disaster or To Destroy?

There are a lot of details out on the web right now about the changing course of the new Rambo movie. From this dork’s perspective, as the news developed there was a lot of happiness and a lot of sadness. This has been a roller coaster ride of action and suspense. But it appears that the most recent news is completely inconclusive…is Stallone caving to the pressure of fans and critics…why start now, you made Rambo IV for crying out loud. I believe this would have been a clear signal to film critics and business that you were not really interested in what they think.

So the questions are simple…Stallone…you gonna break?
Fellow dorks…you up to speed on the changing story?

Rambo V 5 Movie Poster Savage Hunt

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tony stark get’s drunk with the toxic avenger!?!

I just came across this cool little cartoon series “The Greatest Fan Film of All Time” today and found it to be QUITE amusing! It has alot of  neat appearances  by some pretty awesome characters and best of all it’s pretty damn humorous! I love the fact to that they include Vindicator of Alpha flight into the mix too as well as The Toxic Avenger as he get’s drunk with Tony Stark. Check out the Stan Lee appearance too near the end-classic! I just watched the first two episodes and it’s pretty cool. Now I’m gonna check out the last three to see how this turns out. check out the first two here:

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Deadpool: the ultimate admitted rip-off!!

Alot of people accuse Rob Liefeld to be somewhat of a hack and almost all of the characters he creates are usually rip offs of existing characters. But to save his soul he did help create one really rad marvel character who has as of recently become insanely popular-Deadpool! So yeah he finally can take claim for something really original and everyone can forget about his famous picture of Captain America sporting gigantic boobs-right? Not so fast. As you may or may not already know Deadpool is an admitted rip-off of DC’s famous villain Deathstroke.


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Superman and Spider-Girl, crossover movie

Well, it might not be sanctioned by either Marvel or DC, but this is a pretty great paring of 2 great superheroes.  I have never seen dance moves like this preformed whilst saving innocent victims from peril.  So Awesome.

It’s awesome that they gave Superman the power to become “semi-transparent” while he flys, and… Spider-Girl can fly too.  Yeah.