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He’s Back….Well Kinda…

Well here you have the return of Arnold, well kinda…here’s the first trailer from his new cartoon series which he created with Stan Lee. It’s called the Governator and yeah it looks pretty god damn lame….check this out…

Arnold Appears In The Expendables Trailer!

Ok so it really no mystery now that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis are appearing in The Expendables movie. It’s so much NOT a mystery that they both actually appear in the new trailer for the movie released today. I must say I have been excited for this movie now for a while since it’s been billed as an obvious throwback to the action movies of the 80’s. Think Cobra, Commando, Deathwish, Raw Deal and Die Hard. Back in a time where there was no CG, when there were real planes flying on the screen, real explosions and not a bunch of rubbery looking CG  characters on the screen doing back flips and cartwheels as seen in the ultra lame G.I. Joe movie and countless other loads of steaming shit. This is an actual great accomplishment from Sly whether you love the guy or hate him, he seems to know what’s been missing in action movies today. C’mon did you see the last Rambo movie? It was raw and realistic (ok so maybe not that realistic) but you get the idea. Sure Sly looks like he’s had some plastic surgery, been dying his hair and been pumped up on weird ass growth hormones but still the guys is bringing back what has been missing from the modern action movie: unrealistic realism! check it for yourself right here and remember he brought back Dolph Lungren to the big screen and tried to court an unwilling Van Damme to appear in this flick-how cool is that? The Expendables is gonna bring it all back-old school style!

Ok well not too sure about the “Nickleback” sounding song in the trailer but hopefully this will live up to the hype…

No Arnold In Predators…..

Well the news has now officially come out that Arnold Schwarzengger will not be appearing afterall in the upcoming Predators film. It’s too bad after all the hype that was made about him reprising his role as Dutch that it seems that he was just too busy once again being Governor of California. Dammit Arnold you need to get your priorities straight! We’re talking about the Predator here!

For some reason you were able to make a cameo in “Around the World in 80 Days” though!!! What’s up with that?? Why the hell did you do that? How about this, just resign as governor already and start making some damn movies again! I thought you were supposed to make King Conan too? Now instead we’ve got a remake with some dude with dreadlocks that weighs like a 160 pounds!

Well at the very least we get to see him in The Expendables. However it’s been seen that Arnie has really let himself go in his older age, I guess unlike Sly Stallone not everyone is getting plastic surgery and taking growth hormones. I have also heard that Arnold may run for the Senate this year?! Bad bad move Arnold you need to postpone your politcal career and get in on these cameos dammit….

Arnold confrimed to appear in the new Predator sequel!

There were rumors flying a couple months ago all over the internet about the possibiltiy of Arnold Schwarzenegger appearing in the upcoming  Robert Rodriquez produced  sequel “Predators”. Well now it has been officially confirmed that Arnold will indeed be  repirsing his role in a cameo as Dutch. This news was leaked via The Latino Review  (make sure to check this link and watch their video about the script) who aquired a 90 page script of the action movie. The script they claimed was  “Worthy of the original Predator”. They also confirmed  there is a cameo  written in for Schwarzenegger that will make fans go wild. Hopefully that means arnold has got a gigantic gun in his hands and telling people to get to the chopper! 


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Schwarzenegger to star in new Predator flick?!

I have just read some interesting news on one of my favorite websites about good ol’ Arnold who’s been getting ALOT of attention here lately. Anyway it seems that Robert Rodriguez who is helming the new movie “Predators”  has been making calls and courting Schwarzenegger to return as “Dutch” in the new, now revealed sequel rather than a remake (thank god) . The only problem is Arnie ain’t calling back!

arnold gov

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Speaking of Schwarzenegger…?????

Ummm… yeah, I was talking the other day About Schwarzenegger being in the new movie “The Expendables”. How cool is that huh? Well also Arnold did alot of commercials in Japan but I’m not so sure this was such a good idea. Everyone please remember he’s our Governor of California….check this out:

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