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More Lame Movie Ventriloquist Dolls & Puppets!

Yeah there’s more than one devil doll out there! Before “Black Devil Doll From Hell” there was simply “Devil Doll” from1964. This movie is a stinker as well! I’m not sure why they can’t seem to ever get the creepy ventriloquist dolls in movies to actually be creepy! They are by themselves probably some of the weirdest things that us humans have ever created. Which is probably why I am a  huge fan of puppets. I had tons of them as a kid. If I see a cool puppet anywhere you better believe I’ll snatch it up! It took me a while to warm up to vetriloquist dolls though.

Devil doll 2

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Creepozoids Delivered hard!

So the other night I recieved a movie in the mail that was apparently in my Blockbuster  Online (Yeah I am not  a Netflix dude since there is a Blockbuster a couple blocks away) account for probably a year or so. So when “Creepozoids” arrived in the mail I was definately intrigued. Especially since Linnea Quigley was the big name in this one. Yeah, Linnea “Dance on Your Grave in Return of the Living Dead”  Quigley was the actual star power of this flick! I love really shitty horror sci-fi movies. And yes this one delivered the goods! Post apocolytic horror from the 80’s.




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Slight chill in hell today…John Byrne returning to the X-Men?

Over on the message boards of the greatest comic artist/writer ever, John Byrne, talk about Chris Claremont’s new X-Men Forever (a book continuing the 90’s series from issue #3) has brought out “thought excercises” and a few sketches from Byrne on what he would do if he could continue his run from where he left off with X-Men #143. Now, again, this is only just what-if type discussion with zero backing to it at this point, but if fanning these flames helps get something started, then I am all for it. Check out this impromtu sketch by Byrne (damn, that man has still got it)!

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Possibly the greatest Marvel comic ever releases on 5/13

Next Wednesday, the 13th, we’ll all be rushing to the shop to pick up our usual pulls but the real money’s worth is going to be in the premiere issue of the greatest assembly of Marvel heroes: LOCKJAW AND THE PET AVENGERS!!

Finally, we’re getting a long overdue Lockjaw book! Issue #1 of the 4 issue limited series shows how only the most heroic of Marvel’s pets can save the universe from a major threat. I can’t wait to follow Lockjaw, Redwing, Frog Thor, Lockheed and Hairball (Speedball’s cat) on their quest to protect the Infinity Gems. Last we saw of the gems was in the New Avengers: Illuminati #2, being divied out amongst the secret group. Lockjaw has long been destined to lead a team of Avengers, no better time than now!


If you haven’t seen this by now, allow me to present: The greatest fight ever filmed!

I love Zombies. I love sharks. Well, okay, I don’t think I would love zombies if they were real because I’d be leading a band of survivors through their infested territories nearly escaping death on a regular basis. And sharks, well fuck sharks in person. Sharks behind thick glass and in movies and museums are all fine by me. Anyway, somehow horror legend Lucio Fulci had the brains (get it?) to create this mind-boggling scene of amazingness:

I love the watching the dead taunt marine life.