Robots for Moon Exploration…Yeah!

Most dorks would agree that the cliché vision of year 2000 (i.e., personal jet packs, flying cars, living like the Jetsons, etc.), is a worn out joke. For the most part we can still dream but I think we have now found more comfort in the vision of our comics and favorite sci-fi movie/TV. While we are settling in with the boring world, it appears that the researchers at the Toyota R&D center in Japan are not as compliant. From personal transporters to truly autonomous robots, they keep pushing technology and with it the vision of the future. Now it appears, Toyota wants to look at placing their Partner Robots on the Moon to begin building infrastructure…

toyota partner robot moon

Got your attention…follow the jump for more information.

According to several blogs (Engadget, Otsuka-san, GetRobo) Toyota has continued their complete disclosure of their intentions for developing and investing in Partner Robots. In a recent presentation “Realization of Moon Exploration Using Advanced Robots by 2020”, Toyota researchers released some of the following art to show their vision. This type of research always reeked of super secret organizations and world domination (SPECTRE, Umbrella Corp to name a few), buy you can’t get much more honest disclosure with a presentation title like that! I love big business that is willing to invest that in weird and future concepts.

I realize we need to invest our money here on Earth to sustain our own infrastructure, but movies like 2012 offer up an interesting scenario that can’t be denied. What if the Earth encounters some form of catastrophic disaster that leaves it inhabitable. What is our option…extinction?? Not this dork, I will go down fighting, but I would rather have some options. This type of development exploration is truly testing the limits. By having robots help to build and maintain infrastructure for potential colonization on the moon…or another world, that option at least has a chance to become reality.

So here are a couple more of the inspiring visions provided by Toyota…

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