Out of the Microverse and to the Big Screen…Abrams Looking at The Micronauts

From Lost, to the new Star Trek…JJ Abrams keeps bringing the goods and I for one am happy that a fresh face in Hollywood is able to remake/reimagine and create originals that continue to stir fans crazy. Although I was not a huge fan of Cloverfield, I loved the fact that it was a fresh and original take on the older big ass monster attach genre. So keep the fans guessing, it appears that Abrams is in negotiations to bring a bit of an offbeat but classic comic, The Micronauts, to the silver screen (make sure to check this link, a great site dedicated to the Micronauts!).

Micronauts comic cover abrams movie

Read on for some more goodies…

According to CBR.com the Micronauts franchise was recently acquired by Hasbro which stirred the revived interest in taking it to the next level with a live action version. Over the years, the Micronauts have had a long run in printed and toy media. Starting as a toy line called Microman in Japan, the toy line was acquired by TOMY and brought to the US in the mid-70’s and renamed The Micronauts. The popularity of the toy line soon spurred a comic adaptation by Marvel in 1979. Later series of The Micronauts were published by Image and Devil’s Due.

Micronauts toy line hasbro tomy

As the toy line, there was no story behind the characters. Not until the comic series was picked up by Marvel did the Micronauts take on a true purpose. The Micronauts originate in the Microverse, a microscopic series of diverse habitats that are linked together in the fashion of molecule chains. The original team comes together in response to the threat posed by former colleague and friend, Baron Karza. Commander Arcturus Rann and Biotron, his robot co-pilot, return on their homeworld to discover Karza has slain the royal family. What follows is an epic war across the Microverse: Rann and his allies against Karza. During the course of the comics the Micronauts come to Earth (at the size of the toy line) and battle thel villains and team up with the heros of the Marvel universe.

Micronauts Mavel Xmen Cross Over

So the details as of now are very sketchy, but I for one am uber curious as to what take Abrams will spin on this franchise. Again, he will take a relatively unknown set of characters and attempt to get people to flock to theaters in support…then again the name association with JJ Abrams will probably drive enough curiosity seekers. Stay tuned folks, I am sure there will be more detail on the way as this is just fresh out of the blogosphere.

And one last thing…I want to believe the post that fellow blogger Pete Saturday penned in Jan 09 influenced Abrams to consider this opportunity! Note: Link to original post Bring Back the Micronauts Already!!!!


  1. petersaturday

    Hey this is great news! I loved the toy line. It was sooo awesome. why didn’t you like Cloverfield by the way? Oh yeah did you see the comment i posted on the Ron Jeremy thread?

  2. konales

    I didn’t hate cloverfield, I just did not get all jazzed by it. I thought some of the stuff in it was too convoluted…the little creatures dropping off of it…people exploding when they got bit by them…They could have just stuck with a big arse monster and I would have liked it more.

    I just did see the Ron vid that you posted. When I first saw it, it was on my phone and it did not display the video. That looks awesome, you should write it up!!!

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