Rob Zombie – Redemption!

A couple months back, this dork was a bit hard on Rob Zombie. In a blog about his plans to remake The Blob, I guess I was a bit harsh in my criticism about how he keeps remaking things and why the divergence from the original works like House of the 100 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. Well, today there was an article on that bitch slapped me a bit and put my back in the mood for loving Mr. Zombie. Please read on to learn more!

Rob Zombie Creep

Truth be told, I am jealous of Rob Zombie! He is doing all the stuff I dream of…he plays metal in a respected and popular metal band. He gets to write and direct horror movies! He even wrote/co-wrote some awesome comic books! And to put the cherry on top of the sundae, he has a super hot wife that digs all the stuff that he is into! I am downright envious.

Rob Zombie Sheri Moon

So in the article, Zombie pretty much lays out the movie industry with one hell of an upper cut…but saying “Hollywood’s a scared town!” By this, Rob is referring to the fact that Hollywood always favors the safe bets for releases. To take an obscure idea that does not have some built in street cred is too risky, and in the rough economic times…that equals no show, fo sho!

So to continue his work with movies, he kind a has to take what he can to keep the ball rolling, and preserver until better times that a risky venture might seem like a profitable outcome; or at least a break even. To this, I completely understand and I take back my cuts with no hesitation. I also work for “the man” and “the man” sometimes gets you down. There are a lot of politics out there in every industry and sometimes you have to play along to stay afloat.

So with that, I say Carry on My Wayward Son…Rob! But, please, please…whatever you do, no matter how much they pay you…please don’t remake Halloween 3: The Season of the Witch!


  1. petersaturday

    yeah rob zombie is a lucky man! He just needs to make some more original movies. I didn’t like house of 1000 corpses but loved the devils rejects!

  2. Christopher

    I didnt enjoy house of 1000 until after devils rejects when Id fallen in love with the characters and would watch them in any fashion after that lol.
    Have you seen rob zombies amazing cartoon movie The Haunted world of El Super Beasto?

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