Forget Vampires…More Werewolves!

Historically, and most notably in the last couple years, Vampires have been ruling the roost of the classic horror style monsters. From Nosferatu, through the Anne Rice years, and now with True Blood and Twinkle…or Tinkle…or Twilight…(whatever that lame ass 16 year old girl popular vamp series is!!) these blood suckers are just about as popular as Zombies. Don’t get me wrong, there are uber vamp movies out there that I consider bright spots (Blade, Near Dark, and Fright Night). But let’s loose these sad Goth night lovers and I hope I see a new revival of the classic Werewolf! Early 2010 looks to be bringing these furry cursed friends to the big screen in a new and classic way.

February 12, 2010 is the release date of the new version of the classic The Wolfman, a revamp of the 1941 under the same title (The Wolfman). Sure it looks to be rather CG’ed, but from the trailer that is posted I think this looks like a thrill right, and I have to make sure to note the roll call on this one. Director Joe Johnston will be taking a run at this timeless story…and there is reason to believe he can add a fresh take. Granted his credentials are not exhaustive and overly amazing, but he has been tapped to direct the new Captain America movie. But let’s face the facts here; Joe brought us Jurassic Park III…the movie that recovered from the terrible second film. I really like a guy that can boil down a concept that the movie goers want…yeah, big ass dinosaurs fighting and eating people! In addition to his directing credits, Joe Johnston was a major force on the visual effects of episodes IV-VI of the Star Wars saga!

Beyond the director, we have the acting abilities of some top notch actors. Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, and Hugo Weaving joined the cast to bring the Wolfman back to life.

Interested…I know I am…so settle back and enjoy the new posted trailers. And make sure to watch for the icky finger bending clip!

Also, just to add to your full moon frenzy…early October saw the release of the classic 1980’s TV series…Werewolf. A must see for those who dug any of the horror and sci-fi of the 80’s!

Werewolf DVD



  1. bec-tastic

    Woah. Just, woah. I might actually shell out to see this one in the theater.

    I have to say, though, that my favorite werewolf transformation EVAR was in Trick R’ Treat. And NOT just because of the nudity, I swear it.

    • petersaturday

      american werewolf in london still gets my vote for best transformation. Best werewolf flick in the past 10 years? Dog Soldiers.

  2. konales

    Yeah, totally, the Trick ‘r Treat transformations are awesome….lose the skin suit! But, have to agree with Pete Saturday…Rick Baker’s effects in American Werewolf are still top notch.

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