2012…Stripped of its “Essentials”?

One part I really enjoy when I go to the movies are the trailers…who doesn’t love to see what next on the agenda! And typically, they pick trailers that fit the style of movie you are seeing…even better! So when I went to see Zombieland, one trailer that stuck out was the one for 2012. My thoughts right afterward…”wow, when did they decide to make The Day After Tomorrow 2?”, and then “why would they ever make The Day After Tomorrow2?” Alright, all kidding aside, the trailer is laughable, but in the world of special effects, it is beautiful and amazing. But then my mind wandered…what if we lived in a world that did not have special effects, and we had to rely on props and acting alone? Just remember, you were warned!

2012 Poster

Before we get to the story at hand, I want to make sure that I properly root everyone in the situation. So without further a-dew here is the trailer for 2012…loaded with all of its crazy, unbelievable, and honestly stunning special fancies!

Well then someone answered my questions with respects to 2012 and no effects. This trailer was posted for a segment of the movie editing all of the special effects moments and showing only the in-between segments. Please, I encourage you to watch the trailer and compare to the previous.

The funny thing about this side by side, is in the “no effects” trailer I found myself really focusing on the acting and multitudes of crap being flung at the studio limousine and plane. Even more sad, was I found myself really convinced that a movie like this will most likely be so devoid of a plot and development that the only saving grace are the effects. And when they are missing, you are absolutely sucked out of the movie experience. In fact, when they are removed you take out 4 minutes of content! That means you lose 80% of the movie (or at least this clip).

So the next time you have the feeling that the movie you just saw was visually stunning, and the effects were the saving grace…here is some evidence that you are right on the money. And when it comes to Roland Emmerich (Director of Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Independence Day, and Godzilla), apparently your only saving grace is special effects…Christ, this is a resume of suck!


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