A Star Wars Collage! Looks worth Watching

So what to do with the Star Wars universe when it seems like it has all been done before? Why not invite the loyal fans to A New Hope…15 seconds at a time! Star Wars Uncut is cutting out to be one of those odd concepts that could produce a very interesting result!

star wars uncut

Star Wars Uncut is a fan site driven project planned by Casey Pugh. It appears that Casey has broken up Episode IV into 473, 15 second clips and fans can pick their favorite scene and recreate and submit. Casey will then begin the arduous task of reassembling all of the clips into one feature length Star Wars collage. There were just some simple rules that come with great mission if so willing to accept:

1. You may only upload videos you have created yourself. Be creative! Please, no sexually explicit videos.
2. Music is not allowed.
3. Please try to avoid using the original Star Wars audio. Part of the fun is making the audio yourself, too!
4. After accepting your scene, you only have 30 days to complete it.
5. When recording your video, please do it in a 4:3 format. Not everyone has HD cameras!
6. Each scene is 15 seconds, so let’s try to keep it exact. Going over or under a few seconds is fine.
7. Make sure the beginning and end of your scene matches up closely to the original.

The following is a trailer that was released to demonstrate the fury of this project. I love the fact that there is fan animation, claymation, lego figures…just a crazy variety of stuff that could make this really fun to watch.

This project has been underway for some time, so it would be hard to participate at this point, but according to the website, there are still 12 or so scenes open. They are probably filler scenes by now…like still shots…or no dialog…perhaps you can take a crack at the credits!

In vein of weird recreations of the original masterpiece is the ever classic and still ongoing project of the ASCII WARS…a version of Episode IV all in a text editor in ASCII text symbols…this is one dedicated guy pulling this together!


  1. petersaturday

    ha! that looks rad! they need to do this with the first 3 prequel movies instead, then they’d have better acting and special effects!!

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