The Unborn…A Trip Into the Cliché!

Well, on the surface this is actually not that bad of a horror/haunting thriller. But if you are looking for something with substance and a well developed plot…look elsewhere. The Unborn (just coming to DVD) was released earlier this year, and the trailers piqued my interest a bit. Unfortunately, I did not catch it on the silver screen…so I threw ‘er on the Netflix queue and waited. Read on to learn more! Achtung! Spoiler Alert! I will be ripping on aspects of this movie that might take away from your viewing experience…although I doubt it.


Just like a crazies at your local nut house…this movie has a serious case of multiple personalities. For Christ sakes, settle on one theme for the plot already. Is the chick in the movie haunted, maybe? But what are these hallucinations? Why not ask the old European lady at the old folks home next to the nut house were her mom off’ed herself after losing it. Oh yeah, that old lady, is really her Grandma, and there was some funky experimentation from WWII from the Germans and twins and eye color or something. Only so she finds out that she was really a twin but her brother died early on in the womb. Ah, so it’s her brother haunting her…now I see! No! Idiot! It’s a super old Jewish ghost/demon thing that predates religion and it is possessing her for some reason. So now we are not just haunted and the house we live is crap, but we have to do an exorcism to top it off…WTF? Anyone else lost? This is like enough story for three movies, but instead someone had the vision to pack it all in a 88 minute feature. In fact this gem was brought to you by Producer Michael Bay.

And don’t confuse this movie with The Unborn (1991), The Unborn II (1994) or the Asian horror flick The Unborn (2003). Never seen any of them, but they have to be at par or better for sure…actually the Unborn 1991 looks kind good, now on the Netflix queue!

But to be fair, if you are just looking for some decent gore and make you jump scenes with good audio, you might like this one. I love Gary Oldman, and he is the Rabbi in the movie, so there is some saving grace. On the other hand, I have to kick its ass a bit for all the cliché shit in this movie. Here are a few to whet your appetite.

1. A traditional list of things to avoid and the scene/montage where she systematically destroys and removes all the stuff around her. One of them being mirrors…wow, never been done, like it is another reality where the demon lives waiting for a host…wow, revolutionary.

2. The demon coming out of the medicine cabinet. Hmm…where have I seen that before…oh yeah, like every horror movie with a freaking medicine cabinet!

3. Camera of her running with a low bassy soundtrack…and she comes across a vision of this demon…turns into a dream…watch The Shining lately?

4. Reading from the book in languages to create the exorcism and wind blowing…things toppling over. That sounds like every exorcism movie pretty much. The best is the Rabbi and the victim reading together and backing off the demon at the very end. The demon is compelled to step backwards…slowly…trying…to fight…the force…of the…exorcism…

5. The super long teeth monster face thing with the big mouth CG’ed over a real face. You know then one, with no lips, and the creepy grin. Let’s see that has been in every horror movie and video game since like…oh yeah…Fright Night (1985)…still a classic BTW!!


6. The typical scene where the victim contacts an old person that knows something…the old person acts all scared…and gets violent! But then comes around later and calls and is ready to talk. Good thing, otherwise we would not get all of the 43 subplots in the movie!

7. Let’s not forget the spider thing walking up the stairs all creepy. Too bad that was cut from the original theatrical release of the Exorcist. Because if it wouldn’t have been, we would have seen versions of that since the 70’s. Now we have just seen 30 variations over the past 10 yrs when the footage was released.

8. Lastly, the creepy neighbor kid that talks all monotone and lashes out as part of the demon. Of course he has to be some freaking little kid too, where the hell do they dig up these little shits?

Looking to kick an hour and a half…good way, but once you do, you will never get it back…from the Unborn!


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