They Reached The Final Destination…and the Outlook is Good

Just a warning for readers, if you expect content, character development, good dialog, and interesting plot…then wow, you came to the wrong movie. The Final Destination has none of these aspects. But if you are coming for unbelievable aligning of events that result in violent unpredictable deaths, great gore, and a guaranteed hunks of body flying past the screen every 10-15 minutes, then The Final Destination is your stop.

Final Destination Image

So this is the four in the installment of the Final Destination series and unlike most of this ilk, it has not deviated far from its premise and it still remains entertaining; mainly due to the creative and overly gory death sequences. Basically we have a group of individuals that are enjoying a day at the local NASCAR track…a good safe activity, right? The main character Nick (Bobby Campo) has a premonition about a completely unpredictable and unforeseeable series of events that will lead to the death of himself, his friends and several individuals located in close proximity. Following suit, the extra individuals have the typical deplorable behaviors that make them easy and entertaining prey for wild deaths later in the movie (you know, red shirts). Nick’s vision saves the group and sequentially, they are picked off by “Death” to fulfill the original design that was slated. As the move progresses, the group figures out who is next, Nick continues to have vague visions that have to be puzzled together, and they run like chickens with their heads cut off from location to location trying to put a dent in Death’s design.

I am guessing that as you read the previous paragraph, you just rolled your eyes and sighed a “blah, blah, blah”, and thought, this is the same thing over again. Yes, absolutely, but the makers of the movie know this background, and they know you know this background…so they don’t bother telling it in detail again and just get right to the gore and death. THANK YOU! The characters come into next scenes with the knowledge that people are dying in the order they were intended…and if they can remember the order, they can try to break the design…perfect, let’s skip part 2 of the outline and smoosch people. The makers of this series realized you did not need a re-lesson in the second film, and they have stuck to that philosophy.

So now is where the creativity begins. The movie is so well built around dramatic irony, you see the beginning, you know the ending, and you get the preview of the events that lead up to the death without the knowledge of the actors…and for some reason this still shocks you when it happens. I love that…how do they do that?? Equipped with entertaining one liners and some decent acting The Final Destination is not a game changer. But it does very well to support the genre of horror/thriller flick that was invented back in 2000 with the release of the original. Well before horrible deaths where the craze (via Saw and other recent Horror releases), this series continues to deliver cheap thrills and good horror. Oh, and of course, everyone knows this is in 3D…and that just added to the head chopping, body slicing, fire spraying, gut sucking, eye poking, engine block smashing, head removing tire, nail gun pinning, appeal to the movie. In fact, there is a scene in the movie in a 3D theater with explosions and body parts flying…excellent continuity! Kind of an out of body experience as I sat in the theater…hoping that my theater does not explode!

Final destination theather

Another note worth mentioning…apparently when people die in these movies, they don’t have bones. They just turn into bags of guts and parts that just explode on contact, or fall apart when hit…that is great…unreal…but if you try to rationalize any point in the movie, I have a feeling you have reached your final destination.

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