Rob Zombie to Reboot Again…Re-Blobbed???

Apparently Rob Zombie just can’t get enough of remaking movies. Though I have not seen Halloween II yet, the early word is not good. Now the word on the street is that Mr. Zombo has announced he is slated to direct a remake of the Blob! In an interview with Variety, Rob Zombie indicated, “My intention is not to have a big red blobby thing — that’s the first thing I want to change, that gigantic Jello-looking thing might have been scary to audiences in the 1950s, but people would laugh now.”
Personally, I thought all of the blob movies were awesome…even the lesser know little Son Of Blob directed by Larry Hagman in the 70’s. But it does raise a good question, why remake everything?? The 1988 version of the blob was excellent for the time and is still one of my favorite horror movies. So Rob, why not just continue on with that story line and continue the germ warfare gone amuck idea in a Blob returns. I guess Rob Zombie has already begun writing the script and production on the film will begin spring 2010. The budget is expected to be around $30 million. That seem small in the days where James Carmeron just announced that Avatar was going to rack up some $450 million, but lets not forget that District 9 was made of this small token of Hollywood dough.


Just in case you forgot, here is a reminder of the Steve McQueen 1958 classic, followed by the Hagman 70’s goofy blob…Son of Blob trailer.

One can’t mention the blob without providing a snippet of 1988 favortie!


  1. petersaturday

    You nailed it, this movie does not need a remake!! the 1988 version is soooo RAD! we need more original flicks!

  2. konales

    The comment about not “not the jello monster of the 50’s, people would laugh”, just gets me. That is what they did in the 88 version so well. It was a steaming pile of guts squishing around the city eating people…that rocked! If Rob Zombie can create a more icky/gross version of the blob…and still keep it an amoeba-ish force…I will be damn impressed.

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